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Vickie Arlene

A vibrant, fun-loving, and courageous woman, Vickie Faught was a blessing in the lives of those around her. She was highly intelligent and hard working with a drive to succeed that was unmatched. A devoted mother, Vickie was delighted to witness her family tree blossom to include the grandchildren and great-grandchildren who were her greatest source of pride and joy. Social, outgoing, and genuine, she was an active part of the community she called home and was the sort of person whom everyone wanted to know. A dear woman to many, Vickie will be deeply missed and forever remembered by all who were within her reach.

It seems only fitting that Vickie’s journey began during a time that was as vibrant as she was. It was the 1950s when Elvis Presley took the music world by storm with his rock ‘n roll music and televisions were becoming part of our living rooms like never before. This was also the decade that saw Rosa Parks refuse to give up her seat on an Alabama bus and the addition of both Alaska and Hawaii as our 49th and 50th states. Amidst this exciting time there was a young couple from Robinson, Illinois, who was filled with great anticipation as they awaited the birth of their new baby. Vickie was the fourth of six children born to her parents, John and Mildred (Purcell) Faught, and was raised in the family home alongside her older sisters, Pat, Pam, and Judy, and her younger twin brothers, Robert and Ronald. Her father worked in a local steel mill while her mother worked in a factory. For a long time it was just Vickie and her sisters as she was 14 when her brothers were born. It isn’t surprising that as the baby of the family Vickie was just a bit spoiled by her parents, which meant that her sisters also picked on her for being the baby of the family. Vickie didn’t take this mistreatment lying down, either, since when a visitor came to the home she was quick to climb up in their lap and tell them just how her sisters picked on her all the time!

From the time she was a young girl Vickie was a bustle of activity. Before she was old enough to go to school she and her mother often went to town while her siblings were in school. They often got a treat on those outings. Although Vickie’s mother made it clear that these treats were their little secret, Vickie, although unintentionally, spilled the beans the minute her older sisters walked in the door, saying something like, “We DIDN’T have chocolate today,” or, “We DIDN’T get an ice cream cone!” As a little girl Vickie had long, yellow blonde hair just like the girl pictured on the Miss Sunbeam brand of bread. When Vickie’s mother put her hair up in pin curls and fixed it just right, Vickie was a perfect match for the girl on the bag. All girl, Vickie loved wearing a “twirly” skirt, which meant that any time she had a dress with a full skirt on it she grabbed the sides and twirled and whirled around to make it billow out. Vickie could have done that all day long. One year the siblings all got brand new bikes, and Vickie had yet to learn to ride. She was riding on the sidewalk and wobbling all over the place only to end up riding straight into the behind of an elderly neighbor who was bent over doing yard work! While growing up Vickie developed a lifelong love of reading.

Vickie’s formative years were spent in both Cheyenne, Wyoming, and Harvey, Illinois. She was a student at local schools wherever she was living and went on to graduate from Thornton High School where she excelled in her studies. In fact, Vickie graduated in the top five percent of her graduating class.

As a young woman Vickie was blessed to become a mother to two amazing children, Robert and Kenneth. To support her family she worked as an Allstate employee for 20 years. Ready to take her career to the next level, Vickie then opened her own Allstate insurance agency. Vickie was highly successful through both her hard work and her compassion for the people she served. She always kept what was in the best interest of her customer in the forefront as she was never into serving others for personal gain. Vickie was highly respected and deeply loved by her superiors, coworkers, employees, and customers alike. With a special place in her heart for dogs, she treasured the companionship of her dogs, Samson, Trixie, and Max.

Throughout her life Vickie was one to keep busy. From the time she was in high school she mastered her sewing skills to become an accomplished seamstress as an adult. Vickie put her skills to good use, making many of her own clothes as well as much of her children’s clothing. She also loved crocheting and set about making a special blanket for a new baby in the family or for a friend. Social and outgoing, Vickie was a member of the Red Hat Society, involved in Relay for Life, and treasurer for the Round Lake Heights Village Board. She loved traveling and seeing new places, yet some old favorites were the carousel at Great America and seeing the many sights of the Jersey Shore. Christmas was her favorite time of the year, and each year she took great pride in decorating the tree just right. When relaxing in front of the television after a long day Vickie enjoyed NCIS, Sons of Anarchy, Law & Order, and shows on HGTV. Neil Diamond, Kenny Rogers, and the Beatles as well as oldies and classic country were her favorites when it came to music.

Later in life when her family grew to include grandchildren, Vickie couldn’t have been happier. She was blessed with five grandchildren altogether as well as two great-grandchildren more recently. Vickie looked forward to family gatherings, especially at Christmas, as it was a time for everyone to be together.

Although she accomplished so much of which to be proud, Vickie Faught was a humble woman whose focus was on making life better for those around her. She worked hard and she played hard, too, and her zest for life was contagious. Vickie leaves behind a priceless collection of memories that her loved ones will forever cherish.

Vickie Faught died on October 4, 2014, in Glenview, IL. Family and Friends will gather at Suminski / Weiss Funeral Home from 5 to 7 p.m. on Monday, Oct 13, 2014 to share memories and to celebrate her life.

Past Comments

Priscilla Callans

We are so very sorry to hear of Vickie’s passing, she was an agent who always did her very best for her customers and the people around her. Our thoughts and prayers are with her family and friends.

Steve and Priscilla Callans

Robi Nevers

I worked with Vickie for several years and always enjoyed her. She was so passionate about her volunteer work and fundraising. We shared some very personal stories of our lives and families with each other and she was a trusted confidant. I know she loved her family and was so proud of all of you. I was proud of her when she decided to open her own business as an Allstate agent. I know she gave all of herself to her customers because that’s just who she was. Now I am saddened to know she is gone and I never even knew she was sick. I wish I could have told her how special she was to so many of us. My sympathies to her entire family during this difficult time.

Kat Lindquist

I am going to miss you every day, Vickie. You were a surrogate mom-figure and grandma, big sister,and best friend all rolled into one, and I will never forget ANYTHING…especially the innumerable laughs, inside jokes, good-natured cutthroat card playing marathons, comfort-food and crafting Saturdays, your wisdom and support, and all the great times we had. We “always like to visit you, Miss Vickie!” And you will always have a big place in the hearts of my son and I. Thank you for being a part of our lives and for having us be a part of yours. We Love You!

Audra Davis

Aunt Vickie will always be in my heart. She was such a big part of my childhood…EVERY memory I have of her are good ones that I will cherish forever.

My thoughts and prayers are with the entire family…she will be deeply missed by all.

Love, Audra

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