Heritage pledges to continue our history of exemplary service to our community with compassion, thoughtfulness, and the highest level of professionalism. Most importantly, to serve families as we would our own family.

Heritage has been blessed with Funeral Directors and support staff that are truly some of the very best in the profession. Their attention to detail, creativity, and passion will enable you to create a meaningful and memorable service for your loved one.

And that’s not even what makes them so special; what sets the Heritage family apart is their hearts – filled with humility, empathy, patience, and a servant’s attitude. We have all experienced loss, and we understand how overwhelming and frightening losing a loved one can be. Every family we serve is unique but they are all treated as members of the Heritage family, that’s our guarantee.


Heritage Funeral Homes was formed by the joining together of a group of like-minded and respected funeral establishments in Milwaukee:

The Scheuerell family began serving Milwaukee in 1914, and passed that tradition through to James Scheuerell, who continues to be involved with Heritage.

In 1965 Wilfred Tebo and his sons-in-law James Peppey and John B. Klemmer started their own firm, and in 1975 John T. Klemmer joined Tebo Peppey Klemmer.

Gillette Johnson & Sons dates back to the 1930’s, with Gillette’s son-in-law Raymond Reiss joining the business. Today, Tim Johnson and Mark Reiss continue their Grandfather’s and Great-Uncle’s traditions of integrity and service.

In February of 1995 James Scheuerell, John Klemmer, Timothy Johnson and Mark Reiss merged their respective businesses into one firm named Heritage Funeral Homes. Later that year, Joseph G. Koch, of Lohman’s Funeral Service, joined the Heritage family.

Heritage has continued to change with the times, working to serve Milwaukee area families with exceptional care and respect. In 2002, our New Berlin funeral home and crematory was completed. 2005 saw Paul Johnson, Tim Johnson’s son, joining the firm, as well as John Klemmer’s sons and Jim Scheuerell’s nephews, Jeff and Jim Klemmer, starting the fourth generation in funeral service for both families. In 2006, after years of ownership at Franzen Jung Kaufman & Weiland, Richard B. Lee joined Heritage, where he still proudly serves Milwaukee’s Latvian community.

In 2007 Altstadt Tyborski Ermenc McLeod joined Heritage Funeral Homes. Altstadt Tyborski has served the families of southeast Wisconsin for over 100 years, and will continue to do so as a part of Heritage Funeral Homes.  In 2021 the Heritage family grew to include Niemann Suminski Weiss.

Heritage Funeral Homes Office

We have over 100 years of experience caring for families, from all walks of life. Each family comes to us because they know we are leaders in our profession, dedicated to excellence in service, and have the highest integrity.


  • mark reiss

    Mark Reiss

    Owner, President and Funeral Director

  • paul johnson

    Paul Johnson

    Owner, CEO and Funeral Director

  • Jeffery Klemmer

    Jeffery Klemmer

    Owner, CFO and Funeral Director

  • James Klemmer

    James Klemmer

    Owner, COO and Funeral Director

  • Sarah Rehberg-Ziesmer

    Sarah Rehberg – Ziesmer

    Vice President, Funeral Director

  • Tim Johnson

    Tim Johnson

    Retired Owner/Partner, Funeral Director

  • John Klemmer Jr

    John Klemmer Jr.

    Retired Owner/Partner, Funeral Director

  • Kenneth Typborski

    Kenneth Tyborski

    Retired Owner/Partner, Funeral Director

  • Ed Suminski

    Ed Suminski

    Partner, Funeral Director

  • Ron Suminski

    Ron Suminski

    Partner, Funeral Director

  • John Gamache

    John Gamache

    Funeral Director

  • Michelle Laming

    Michelle Lamping

    Funeral Director

  • Christopher Kiel

    Christopher J. Kiehl

    Funeral Director

  • Megan Mueller

    Megan Mueller

    Funeral Director

  • Phia Vang

    Phia Vang

    Funeral Director, Preparation Manager

  • Ben Bohl

    Ben Bohl

    Funeral Director, Head of Facilities

  • Alexandria Shadof

    Alexandria Shadof

    Funeral Director, Preparation Team

  • Angelina Kush

    Angelina Kush

    Funeral Director

  • Amber Perez

    Amber Perez

    Funeral Director

  • Carly With

    Carly With

    Cremation Specialist

  • Rachael Runkel

    Rachael Runkel

    Administrative Assistant

  • Pat Suminksi

    Pat Suminski

    Administrative Assistant

  • Josephine Schackman

    Josephine Schackmann

    Oak Creek Building Manager

  • Jim Kegel

    Jim Kegel

    Funeral Assistant