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Rita Newble was a woman of wisdom and abundant faith. Beyond this distinction, however, she was a woman of great compassion and sincerity. Family, friends and strangers alike always knew where they stood with Rita, always knew that they could count on her generous, loving spirit when they needed it most. Determined and devout, it was Rita’s dream to inspire others through the word of God, which she herself so deeply believed in.

Rita was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on January 18, 1967, to Rafael and Ines (Llanes) Reyes, both being of Puerto Rican descendent. It happened that one of Rafael’s brothers married one of Ines’ sisters and the two families made their home next to each other in a duplex on the south side of Milwaukee. The two couples both went on to have large families and soon there were 16 children in all running around the house. Among them was Rita, the 5th of 8 children of Rafael and Ines.

There wasn’t anything more important to the Reyes than family, and with 20 people in their combined family, there was always some kind of celebration going on, whether it was for birthdays, holidays or regular get togethers, which still continues to this day. Rita was about 11 when her family moved to a larger house on the north side of town. Her father provided for them working in the foundry, while her mother had her hands full raising 8 children. Money was always tight for the Reyes family who lived off of one income, so Rita’s mother made many of the children’s clothes. As a child, Rita often grumbled about having to wear all the hand-me downs, but later was just thankful for what she had.

Rita was always an active young lady who enjoyed playing sports in school, especially softball. She had a very creative side too, something she put to good use working on the stage crew in the school theater, creating scenery. Rita received her education attending Longfellow Grade School, Edison Middle School and Rufus King High School. During her freshman year in high school, Rita met Marshall Newble in Algebra class. It wasn’t until her senior year though that one of their mutual friends told Marshall that she liked him. He didn’t waste any time asking Rita to homecoming, which included teaching her how to dance because she wasn’t very coordinated (despite being an athlete) and didn’t have any rhythm either. This was one of Marshall’s fondest memories of their teenage years. When Rita reminisced about their youthful days, it always brought back the memory of their first date. Marshall took her to a movie and then Burger King, where he insisted she sit down while he got the food; he didn’t want her to see him using coupons to pay. To this day, Rita liked to tease Marshall, asking if he had money or was he going to use coupons.

The sweethearts graduated together from Rufus King High School in June 1985. Rita then went on to attend Milwaukee Area Technical College, where she earned an Associates Degree in Child Development and became a certified Dietician. Shortly after graduating, Rita and Marshall were invited to go to church with her sister Rocky and her family. They accepted the invitation and it became the most treasured day in their lives as they both found Jesus Christ. Only a month later, on July 25, 1985, Rita and Marshall were baptized in the name of the Jesus Christ and were filled with the Holy Ghost. To add to their joy, the couple was happily married at St. Francis Church in Milwaukee on March 22, 1986.

Over the next several years, Rita and Marshall filled their hearts and home with the joy of three wonderful children: Marshall (July 1987), Angel (November 1988) and Vashti (April 1994). Besides being a devoted mother, Rita worked several jobs so that her husband Marshall could finish his schooling. She was the Assistant Manager at Zayer Department Store and a Sales Associate at Coplan Appliance Store and Goodwill Industries. Once Marshall completed school, Rita went back to further her education as well.

Church was so important to Rita, and she believed in the power of prayer and was driven by her faith and deep spirituality in all aspects of her life. It was said the Rita learned about having a “servant’s heart” from her parents, which prepared her for doing the Lord’s work. The couple was also deeply thankful for the great teaching they received at Parkway Apostolic Church, which only deepened their faith in the Lord and strengthened them in times of trial. Before they were led to pastoring, Rita and Marshall taught Bible study classes, while Rita sang in the choir, taught Sunday school and was a leader of small groups. In 2006, the couple began pastoring in a mission, which was an extension of Parkway called Apostolic Worship Center on the north side of Milwaukee. The work started with 12 people, but it wasn’t long before it was well over 100. With that, the Center became a self-sufficient and independent work in January 2009. The ladies of the congregation in which Rita served would agree that the two words that best describe her are caring and compassionate; she nurtured many through her teaching, counseling, mentoring, and friendship.

In 1989, Rita was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis, which progressed in severity in 2001 to her lungs, landing her in the hospital for 5 months with Pulmonary Fibrosis. Over the next several years, Rita would also suffer with thyroid disease, cancer and had a tracheotomy. Despite her many health problems, Rita always stayed focused on what truly mattered in her life – her faith, family and friends. Always thinking of others, she and Marshall were foster parents for 5 years too. Though the demands of their calling required many hours and sacrifice, Rita found time to enjoy some hobbies, like scrapbooking with her daughters and painting. She was also a sketch artist and made beautiful stained glass art, which many bought from her.

Rita entered Columbia St. Mary’s Hospital in Mequon, WI with complications from pneumonia and was called home on Saturday, December 5, 2009, at the age of 42. Rita was the beloved wife and best friend of Marshall Newble; devoted mother of Marshall, Angel and Vashti; loving daughter of Rafael and Ines Reyes (nee Llanes); dear sister of Maritza “Mari” (Manuel) Diaz, Raquel “Rocky” (Willis) Walker, Marta (Hugo) Roman, Rafael (Mary) Reyes, Aurora “Lodi” (Frank) Brookens, Diana (Willie) Owens and Lucia “Luci” (Eric) Carter. She is further survived by other relatives and friends.

Visitation will be on Friday, December 11, at Parkway Apostolic Church, 10940 S. Nicholson Road, Oak Creek, WI 53154, from 4 – 6:45 p.m. followed by the funeral service at 7:00 p.m. Interment will be in Glen Oaks Cemetery. Please visit Rita’s personal memory page at where you may sign her online guest book or share a memory with her family.

Past Comments

Rebecca Walker

One of my fondest memories of my dear Auntie Rita was how she used to get me dressed on Sunday mornings when the Newble family lived with us and her long nails she had would pinch my legs as she helped me pull up my tights HAHA!! she would apologize to me through her laughter. She was one of my biggest supporters throughout my life, she told me that it didn’t matter how I looked but how I thought and not to let anyone stop me from traveling and achieving my dreams. Thanks to her love and support I have been overseas 3 times to Africa and Jamiaica and to 11 differents states all before the age of 28 and I still have more to see and explore. I will carry her with me in my heart always. Te amo Titi 🙂


Oooh, you’re in trouble…. I’m pretty sure that was her favorite thing to say to me. Anytime I did something because she told me to, she’d say that to me. Like when mom would make her sausages with her eggs, she would tell me to eat some because it was too much. After I ate a few and mom saw me, Pita would say oooh, you’re in trouble and then she’d smirk because she knew it was her fault. Just look at the picture collage on this page, doesn’t she look like “I didn’t do nothing”. Yeah, she perfected that look just so she could tell me “oooh, you’re in trouble”. But its okay because I call her Rita Pita.


I remember the times when my then husband Keith and I were newlyweds ourselves. We would cleave onto my friend Rocky (one of the few Puerto Rican classmates in highschool, who guided my sisters,Tricia, myself Bernice, and Lorraine to the LORD,,,in that order) and her husband Willis in fellowship as often as was possible.

Many times, Rocky and I would sit in the kitchen sharing about life, God and children while the men, Keith and Willis, would be up in the attic working out lifting weights and eating peanut butter, for the carb content….smiling… One day, Rocky had her sister Rita over to do her hair…no doubt for her beau Marshall, smiling…

As we sat in the kitchen (a women’s place,,,ha ha,,, still my favorite room in the house to gather….) talking about little things, we bagan to talk about the things of the Lord and how wonderful Parkway is and what a great place for young people who start out in life. As young Christians, we were very concerned for our immediate families to come and give their lives to Christ,,,,many did not, but some suprised us. Rita made very little or no attempt to get involved but would every now and then ask a question and we would answer as best we could but clumsy.

I thought that people should react like I did,,,fired up,,,but some people are more mellow, yet so fired up in a different way….

Keith and I were asked to pick up a young man, Marshall, who needed a ride to church every now and then….later, we would be invited to Marshall and Rita’s wedding….WOW. That was the beginning of life’s long learnings….we never know the heart of a person…only God Himself does…and He will reveal the true man.

Rita suprised me by giving her life to the Lord…she went on to obey God when life was tough…but she was always faithful to believe in Him…and now she is home with HIM. I will always cherish that moment in the kitchen….she inspired me to see that we cannot see what God can see. I pray that I will always remember that we are not to judge the surface, but to love and trust God and participate in the now….He will be faithful to show us what we could not see in His time. Rita,,,,thank you for showing me that God is not finished… I love you…..kiss and hugs Bernice, Tasheena, Brandon, Maricel, Angeline, Savanah, and Pedro Metoxen

Carol Tarantino

Visiting the Newble Home was like going to my family. No phone call or awaiting invitation. We where always welcome. It was such a pleasant place to be. Rita was always glad to see us and she always appreciated Joe’s humor. She would do her arts and crafts to raise money for a good cause. She enjoyed doing stain glass art on her windows. She always appreated our company. Rita inspired us to become foster care parents to children. She was a brilliant and loving Mom to her children and foster children. She opened her home to those that didn’t have a place to go. We will always cherish her memory now. She will never leave our hearts! We love you Rita!


Rita, Vashti and Marshall Sr. lived with mom for a few months a couple years ago. If Marshall and Vashti went to night church and mom/pop left for some reason, mom would say, make sure Rita eats something. Ask her what she wants and make it for her. Ok. Sounds easy enough right?

Hours go by, I’m getting hungry so I follow moms orders. It goes something like this…

me: hey, Pita, whatdya wanna eat?

Rita: uhm…..I dunno….whatdya got?

me: well, we got Rice n beans, mac ‘n cheese, eggs n sausage, pancakes, tv dinners, spagetti, hot cereal, cold cereal,…

Rita: uhm…anything else?…

me:….uhm, we also have strawberry poptarts, eggos, pizza, grilled cheese…that’s it. whatdya want?

Rita: …hmm….uhm….well…..hmmm….I’ll just have pnut butter and jelly.

me: what?! are you kidding me?

Rita: …oh and I want it grilled.

me: grilled? Pnut butter and jelly?

Rita: yeah, that’s how Vashti makes it.

This is where I realize that Vashti so conveniently is not there to back this up and then I go ahead and make the sandwich… and grill it.

This is how Rita kept me on my toes. That.. and by asking the same question everytime i came over, “did you bring me any chocolate?”


My sister the artist! I knew how she liked to keep busy doing crafty stuff and so I would buy her paints and other stuff for her to do. Boy she could paint some beautiful things on wood or plastic or whatever she could get her hands on. My favorites are the acrylic picture frames she painted & the gift bags. She & Vashti would look forward to painting the gift bags with precious moments figures or other coloring book characters, & praying over the unknown recipient of the bags. She knew the bags would most likely be given to a child in Haiti or the Yucatan or Guatemala or India. It didn’t matter where we would send the bags, she wanted the person(s) receiving them to be blessed and to know Jesus personally.

I knew I could count on her to pray for our family and their needs. She was faithful that way. She loved the Lord and was a great example of a Godly woman. I miss her but I know we will see each other again.


My memory I shared at her funeral:

As sisters we use to talk and ask each other things only sisters can ask.

I asked her, ” if you could change something in your life, what would it be?”

Rita, thought and said I know what I wouldn’t change. I wouldn’t change the way I met my husband Marsh, or the family I have. I think I would have wanted to be able to travel around the world like Marshall and share the word of God.

Rita (Titi), loved to work with children and loved doing crafts with them. She wasn’t able to go to Jamaica when Marshall went but we talked about her getting well and being able to make the trip another year. Titi couldn’t travel but her thoughts and prayers were with her Niece Rebecca who traveled to Africa and Jamaica to share the word of God and give her testimony.

You see even though Rita didn’t get a chance to travel in this world, she was chosen by God to travel to heaven. We plan on seeing her there again one day.

Love you Titi, I miss you, but I will keep spreading his word!

Rebecca Walker

When Auntie Rita first got sick I lived with them that year to help out. Angel and I used to invent ways to entertain her. We made up our own “Nutcracker like” performance called “The silent dear” the only thing about this dance was that it was not silence at all, instead it was super loud, we galluped around like a pack of elephants to classical music, every time we did it we would all end up sprawled on the couch with tears coming down our cheeks from laughing so hard. There was so many good times and pleasant memories had with my Dear Auntie Rita but the Silent Dear Dance will always go down as one of my All time favorites =)

Catherine Brito

Me and Rita have been friends since 1986….She is my oldest and dearest friend. There were so many memories. Before rita got sick, they would always come to our farm and we would go to their home..Our children grew up together..When rita got sick…I stayed overnight in the hospital with her several times..the first night we laughed(if rita could laugh) so loud and so much they came in and scolded us…hehehe they even turned the lights off on us. I would tease her and tell her to stop breathing so loud…She would say smother me with a pillow…she knew she would still beable to breathe..Ritas humor??? Oh my..She was always there…with a hey cat and we would talk for hours…She was my wisdom…she was my rock..She always knew what to say and how to say it…when she spanked me with her words I listened.. I miss that..calling her and hearing that hey cat…Rita is the only person in the world to call me that. Another rita humor day was when me and the kids stayed over night..we were all in the frontroom.. my son was rocking on the rocking chair and me and rita were on the couch…all of the sudden rita kep trying to say chad…she would say cha…cha…cha…we discovered he was rocking on her air tube…we laughed until we cried! Rita I love you and miss you beyond words….

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