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Raymond Michael

It is how we live our lives and love those around us that matter most in life, and Raymond Ocasio lived life exceptionally well. He gave to others, enjoyed life to the fullest, and accomplished much in his all too brief time. An example of courage, strength and determination, Raymond may have been sidelined for a time, but he proved illness could never take away his sweet spirit and love. Although gone from love’s embrace, the heart of Raymond lives on in the many memories he leaves behind.

Raymond’s story began during the cold months of winter in the bustling city of Chicago, Illinois. There was great change taking place around the globe at a time when the U.S. joined the fight to free Kuwait in the Persian Gulf War. While the Simpson’s continued to reign in TV ratings, the Super Ninetendo Game System was all the rage. Yet on January 2, 1991, the family of Raymond Michael Ocasio was overjoyed to begin the New Year celebrating his blessed birth.

Before long, Raymond and his mother, Lezette Alejandro, moved to Milwaukee, Wisconsin to begin their lives anew. As the man of the house, Raymond grew up fast. In time he welcomed two sisters, Samantha and Stephanie, whom he helped raise. A young boy with much responsibility, Raymond and his mother were a team, and family always came first. He was able to talk with his mother about anything, and the closeness and open communication they shared was a blessing. He was an obedient son, and set a good example for his younger sisters to live by.

Raymond excelled in his studies and was very active in sports while growing up. He attended the local schools, and participated in basketball, baseball and football. He was a good student while attending Cooper Middle School before going on to Thomas More High School. He continued in sports, and lettered in football, basketball and baseball, even gaining all-conference honors in football. Raymond was fearless when it came to the football field. Once while trying to get to the end zone, he ran about ten yards with six opposing team players trying to tackle him down. It worried their coach because time after time, Raymond kept getting the ball. Before Ray’s quarterback even threw the ball to him, the opposing coach yelled out, “GET THE BEAST! GET THE BEAST!”, which made everyone laugh because he was referring to Ray!

With a personality all his own, Raymond was popular and a friend to many. He was very outgoing, friendly, and quite the ladies man. He was taught to be very respectful of others which served him well through his educational years. As part of the Teens Against Drugs, S.A.D.D. – Students Against Destructive Decisions as well as the Latino Organization at school, Ray was a positive influence on others. He enjoyed hanging out with his friends and the many sports and other activities he was involved in.

Raymond had many other interests, as well. He loved playing chess, Monopoly and his favorite card game, UNO. He enjoyed fishing with his Uncle Nathanial, and did so whenever he was able. When it came to music, Raymond liked listening to instrumental music and writing lyrics. He loved Rap and R&B music, and his favorite musicians included Kid Cuddi and Lupe Fiasco. Ray was the #1 fan of the Chicago Bears, and his favorite basketball team was the Celtics. He liked reading the works of Edgar Allen Poe, and watching Family Feud, Chopped and criminal shows on TV. His all-time favorite movies were Sea Biscuit and White Men Can’t Jump.

It was in Ray’s nature to be a caretaker, and was always looking out for his mom and sisters. Ray was respectful and considerate of others, too. As a teammate, he was interested in the concerns of the other players and looked out for their best interest. Whether in school, at home, on the court, or field, Ray was a hard worker. His summers were filled with baseball and training for the upcoming football season. He also worked for a painting company one summer, and later worked third shift for General Mills in their packaging plant.

After graduating from high school, Raymond went on to further his education at the University of Wisconsin – Parkside (UW – Parkside) in Kenosha , Wisconsin where he pursued a degree in Criminal Justice. In his second year he joined the Omega Delta Phi fraternity because he appreciated their focus on community service helping with home maintenance projects for those in need.

With so much ahead of him and a future as bright as he could have imagined, Raymond and his family discovered on July 17, 2012 that he was diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma. All through his illness, Raymond could only think of his family. Selfless and never complaining, he often apologized to them for everything they had to go through due to his illness. Even as sick as he was, his concern for his mom never waned, and he’d often wait up for her to get home from work to see how her day went.

Raymond Ocasio knew what was important in life. In his few short years compared to many, he made an obvious impact in the lives of others only few accomplish through an entire lifetime. Always the warrior, Raymond never gave up. He had a way of making everyone around him feel special, and brought out the best in people. He always tried to find an easier way, and smiled through the tough times that came his way. A sensitive and caring young man, he possessed a kind soul with a huge heart, and his love and friendship was a blessing in the lives of many. Dearly loved and deeply missed, he will be remembered for all that he was, and all that he gave to those who knew and loved him.

Raymond Michael Ocasio, age 23, was Born to Eternal Life on Tuesday, March 25, 2014 at his home surrounded by his loving family. He was the cherished son of Lezette Alejandro and a loving brother to his sisters, Samantha and Stephanie Albert. Ray’s family also includes his grandmother, Lezette Alejandro; aunts, Olga Torres and Yvette Alejandro; his uncle, Nathaniel Cruz; and cousins, Kevin Cruz, Nashaly Mora, and Kelvin Hernandez and is further survived by other relatives and friends.

Family and friends will gather to celebrate Raymond’s life on Saturday, March 29, 2014 at the Suminski Life Story Funeral Homes-Niemann/Suminski, 2486 S. Kinnickinnic Ave. (414) 744-5156 from 1:00 pm until the time of his Memorial Service at 3:00 pm. To share a favorite memory or photo of Raymond and to sign his online guestbook, please visit

Past Comments

sandie Ernies mom

When I look toward the sky I see a new star… For GOD has opened the gates of heaven to welcome RAY … I know that mom has you by the hand…Sweet RAY,with your enchanting smile you will be missed… But in our weeping heart we know you are in a better place…GOOD BYE until we see you again. For LISA And the GIRLS may GOD hold you in his arms and give you peace. My Prayers are with you LOVE SANDIE (FT.Lauderdale)

Ellen Ferentz

When I think of Ray, I visualize this “stand out” young man who was

such a wonderful friend to my son, Fraser. Especially in high school

where they played football and basketball together, Ray was a

teammate who became a great friend to Fraser and a member of our family. Whenever Ray came to our home it was a pleasure to have him. What a truly fine young man Raymond was and his

memory will never leave me. Raymond is an inspiration to everyone who knew him. Lisa, Samantha, and Stephanie you are friends for life. I love you all and feel so blessed to have known Ray and his

family. It is what life is all about: love,relationships, meaning, and

laughter. Thank you.

Wendlandt Family

As part of the STM community I’d like to express our sincere condolences. May the Lord be with you in this difficult time and always. And may Raymond be in the arms of the Lord.

Ricky Cervera

Ive only said this once to ray, but I wish I would of told him this more, Im not blood related to him but ive always seen him as my brother from when I first became friends with who i call my sister stephanie he and his family have always opend their hearts to me and have been their for me when I needed them the most. Weather it was for advice or just a place to hangout. I will never for get Raymond Ocasio my brother and His loving family.

Maribeth Lombardi

As Ray’s theology teacher at STM, I will always remember his kind heart, bright smile and grand humor. It was always a pleasure to have him in my classes. He was a fierce and loyal friend to all. In his very short years, he touched so many lives and made such an impact on all of us who knew him. He walked through the halls of STM strutting his stuff, hugging everyone and for some really strange reason…yelling at the top of his lungs “JESUS.” I’m not sure what that was all about, but it made me laugh and just love that kid.


It was a great sense of loss. When I found out about the passing of RAY. I’ve known RAY since he was 7. The greatest kid I meet,always with a smile on his face. I WILL MISS RAY DEEPLY NEVER FORGET HIM,ALWAYS KEEPING IS MEMORIE ALIVE & IN MY HEART. UNTIL WE MEET AGAIN WITH HUGS & KISSES. LOVE U RAY

Maria Sergio Martinez

when i 1st met Ray he knock on my door. said my name is Ray Raymond Ocasio nice to meet you what a smile. he said sorry i hear a girl cry?? i said yes My Daughter Dieanna you can call her Deedee i also have a son name Gabriel he said we can talk about him later can i talk to her. i said i dont think its the Moment. he said Please please i wont be long. i didnt know how she would reacted cause she was in the hospital for depression 2 days not doctors nor pills would take away what she had. he picked her up like a doll the 1st words out iam here dont cry iam here i thought she would jump hit him do something 15min pass then the laugh the jokes where your eyebrows lolololol they both couldnt stop i enter my room to cry and ask myself Lord you sent an angel he walks out gives me such a big hug and tells me well i got to go up because iam the men of the house have 2 daughters and a wife lolol i said so young he said nahh my sisters are my daughters my life my mother is my wife my everything. Gabriel couple of times would be upset if he had a bad day at school or if he loss a game and at times would answer me not in a proper way he would get up so fast gabriel didnt have a chance to say nothing when he would say come lets take a walk and teach you the proper way to respect your Mother. Ray last time in Fb you promise me to come see me and i dont know i should cry be sad because i waited for you. but now i understood you didnt want me to cry you wanted me to always smile Thank you Son For always Making My Home full of many Laughs you had a big body but to see you and deedee gabriel sit and see cartoons and you all knew already what to say was fun and THANK YOU FOR BRINGING MY DAUGHTER BACK TO ME AND TODAY MY SON CAME BACK BECAUSE OF YOU AND YESTERDAY YOU CAME INTO MY DREAMS WITHOUT A WORDS YOU SMILE WIPE MY TEARS UNTILL WE SEE EACH OTHER AGAIN COMO TE VOY ESTRANYA LISA MI REINA GRACIAS GRACIAS POR PERMITIR QUE TU ANGEL TOCARA EL CORAZON DE MI HIJA SI NO ELLA NO ESTUVIERA AQUI CON GABRIEL EL NUNCA PERMITIO NI UNA MAL PALABRA GRACIAS DESDE QUE GABY ENTRO VER A RAY HOY MI HIO CAMBIO RAY ERES Y SERA MI ANGEL MIS BELLAS NENAS MAMI ES UNA MADRE FUERTE LINDA BELLA AMELAN MUCHO LOVE CRUZIN……


If I could only turn back time just to see you again and tell you how much I love you. You’re the best dad, brother, hero, and inspiration. I’m glad that you are no longer suffering. It is the only thing that gets me through the day. I miss you so much. Rest in paradise my warrior.

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