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Patrick Farrell, born March 14, 1940, began his new journey on February 15, 2016. Preceded in death by his life companion, James W. Schroeder. Patrick is survived by his “family of special friends,” relatives, and many other friends. Patrick, a self-taught artist, enjoyed a lifetime career as a fine arts oil painter with a large national and international following. He determinedly avoided the vogues and excesses of the art world mainstream and won acclaim for his oil paintings. Patrick was an Honorary Member of “The Allied Artists of America,” New York City, and was profiled in numerous biographical publications including “Famous Wisconsin Artists and Architects” and “Who’s Who in American Art.”

It was Patrick’s wish not to have a traditional funeral service. There will be a celebration of Patrick’s life on Sunday, March 13, from 1:00-4:00 PM, at The Wherehouse Nightclub, located at 818 S. Water Street (east end of National Avenue, 53204, 414-383-7593).

Past Comments

Gary Tuma

Patrick was a member artist at Walker’s Point Center for the Arts, where I was director until my retirement in 2014. I really enjoyed Patrick’s visits to the gallery. Usually, we chatted for at least an hour. He was a talented artist and thoughtful and considerate man.

Jean Jakusz

Feel very fortunate to have met Patrick years ago.
I especially admired his talent, creative flair and enthusiastic wit!
He was an inspiration to me in my hobby as art!
Patrick was a much followed artist – a true asset to Milwaukee’s Art Scene.
He will sincerely be missed.

Bernie Wenzel

Thank you, Patrick, for your friendship for the past 40 years and for so many unforgettable happy, silly and serious times we shared. You were a one-of-a-kind dear friend. Each time I look at one of the many paintings and prints I have of yours, I admire them each time and am thrilled to own them. Innumerable times I told you you were my favorite artist.

Goodbye, my friend. I miss you so much now and will for a long, long time. RIP. ~ Bernz

Patrick Farrell

Patrick Farrell… March 1940 – February 2016
My wonderfully talented, funny, loving cousin
Your Time her has been well spent and appreciated

Though all these years we lived hundreds of miles apart, it seems you’ve been a center point in my life since I was so very little. For so many years I always had the impression you were older,( like my sister Pat, 8 yrs. my senior) and wiser since my vivid memory of you at age 8. We’d come from Michigan on a rare visit to your family. My Mom adored your Mother- her older sister Carmen- –now I learn you were only 2 1/2 years older than I, yet so accomplished from such a young age. I remember that meeting and you being a funny, tall, thin young man.I thought you were a teenager and remembered you from that meeting as such until I now see your birth date. Our family moved to California and there were no more visits to Milwaukee, but there were always lots and lots of letters between first your Mother and My Mother, then you to my Mother and me as I grew into adulthood.

Years passed and your reputation as a fine artist grew and grew. I told stories to all my friends about you and your fine talent, shared how you were self-trained and yet amazed the world with your ability to draw and paint expertly and realistic. To this day I don’t quite get how you were able to paint glass, silver and water that appears real. One would swear the painting was a photograph. Your early paintings, some whimsical, others edge all drew one in and seemed to take away one’s breath.

Through the decades you routinely sent packages to both my Mother and me. All were greeted with anticipation and excitement to open, read and savor each enclosed item. I still have many of the review that were in my Mother’s belongings and most of the ones you sent along to me and family. Note cards, posters and newspaper stories about you and your career. What a grand team you and Jim were, his ability to showcase your talent and you to appreciate all he did . You were two halves of one.

Travis, my youngest, wanted to meet you. You were so kind to him spending time on the phone and sending him special cards and posters. He appreciated your support and unconditional love. Shortly before he passed he wanted to get strong enough to make a trip to Milwaukee. I wonder if he was there with the others to greet you as began your journey into the soul level. There are times I imagine him along with Jim, your Mother Carmen, Charlotte, Donald, my Mother and others there along the path to meet you and help diffuse an confusion or fear you may have had at the start of this new journey.

I am forever grateful Jana – my daughter- and I made the trip East in 2013 for your show at Tory Folliard Gallery. What fun we had, laughing and story-telling those few days. It was as if we had never been separated and had grown up as sister and brother. Your style and sense of humor ever present.

We knew you were ill, yet had no idea the end was near. Our cards and packages wishing you well were received and it was communicated back to us how much you appreciated them and that you would contact us when you were stronger. It was shocking and so very sad to hear the news via e-mail days after your passing.

I had seen a psychic for fun a few days before we learned. She kept saying someone was ill and asked several times had a loved one recently passed on. I said no, you were ill and expected to rebound. I choose to believe there are opportunities for us to leave this life. I feel you made the choice at this time to again be with the one you loved most, Jim.

Know your spirit is forever with us. You are missed. I miss you. The Art World misses you. Though we have pieces of you in your paintings to cherish, it is not the same. I look forward to seeing you when I embark on my journey to the next level.

Much love. Your cousin,


Angie Farrell

I feel very honoured to have known you, from our first meeting more than twenty years ago.
You not only had a great talent in Art but you had such a great sense of humour. I loved our email conversations and was so glad Ryan got to meet you.
You were such an inspiration to him and gave him the drive to pursue his dream as an artist.
You will be sadly missed.
Love Angie

Ryan Farrell

I felt very lucky to have been able to meet you when we came to visit in the summer of 2014. I really admired your incredible artwork and that will continue to inspire me for many years to come. You are a very kind and gentle man with great stories that kept me and mum entertained and laughing a lot. We thoroughly enjoyed your company so thank you and rest in peace, with love from your nephew Ryan.

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