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(nee Covarrubias) June 9, 2015. Age 39 years. Beloved wife of Mario A. Sanchez. Loving mother of Aimee, Cecilia, and the late Angel. Cherished daughter of Antonio and Consuelo Covarrubias. Loving sister of Maria Sanchez and Antonio (Irma) Covarrubias. Further survived by other relatives and friends. Visitation Friday, June 12 at the Funeral Home from 5 pm – 8 pm.

Funeral Mass (MEET AT CHURCH) 9:00 am Saturday, June 13, 2015 at St. Patrick Catholic Church 723 W Washington St Milwaukee, WI 53204

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Past Comments

Antonio Covarrubias

Her loving smile and her love of life. I remember when we were kids we always played kick ball or kick the can till it was dark or till our parents used the chancla to bring us in. And it was always the same we would whine about having to go in the house and our parents would say you either come in now or you’ll never see the light of day again we would look at each other and say it was your fault for wanting to stay longer. And like every good latina family we always would say WAIT FOR ME because we never wanted to go in the house by ourselves. Like the three musketeer’s all for one and one for all. I LOVE SO MUCH MY BABY SISTER

Estela Flores

Her way of being brutally honest, but always in a loving matter. She always listened and adviced but not in a “regañando” kind of way. I remember when I was going thru my separation and I still hadn’t really told people, I told her I was worried about what the family would think, specifically certain people. She told me never to worry about anyone but myself. In the end the one living my life was me and not anyone else, my happiness was up to me, and not anyone else. I’ll never forget that. And she also reminded me constantly that I reminded her of Jenni Rivera which I thought was funny. I love you Tía Vero, always and forever. See you soon!

Maria Sanchez (Covarrubias)

What can I say she was my baby sister, my confidant, and my best friend. I loved her smile and those dimples I always teased her about. I also loved her love of life and how free spirited she was. Her most memorable words live your life to the fullest and don’t have any regrets will stay with me forever. I will always Love you and will never forget you. We have a bond that will never be broken.

Genia Ruvalcaba

“Your getting old! yea but remember your ahead of me by 2 years”. that’s how we got along, I recall her as a happy person especially when we got together nothing but laughs. I will take with me the times we went to the movies, out to lunch or just hang out at her place to talk. I have so many memories that I will cherish

Beatrice Hernandez

I remember meeting Vero,Tony and Carmen over 30 years ago, my sisters and I were do excited that finally we had kids to play with and we all became good friends quickly, we would do our homework right away so that we could go out to play, that is until the street lights came on and our parents called us in. From day one Vero always had her famous dimply smile on her face she was always happy and laughing and over the years she did not change, even if it had been a.while since we had seen each other when we did come together itwas like no time had passed at all, I will forever keep my memories of all the years I was blessed to have her not only as an amazing friend butmore like family, i love you Vero and you will be greatly missed

Gricelda Covarrubias.

She called me Grissy Poo. Vero was my partner in crime. Crimes that were life filling for us, and harmless to anyone who crossed our paths. We didn’t care what people thought of us, she told me so. We shared good times over drinks, dancing, and music. Laughs were contagious and forever remembered. I got many smacks on the forehead for making her laugh, “Ay Gris”, she said often. We shared our life stories and hardships, many many talks. She listened to me when I needed and didn’t judge me one bit. She opened the doors of her home when I needed the most. Kept me company when I was ill….yet she called me her Hero for such strength that I hold not realizing she was, at those times, my Hero too. My words for Vero….Thank you Vero for the good times and support. Not saying good bye, just a “see you later” as we often said to each other. Heaven is the place and only God knows when we’ll meet again 😉 Love you Vero!!

Elizabeth Sandoval

I have one childhood memory that I always remember of cousin Vero. One that even my mother likes to share. I believe I was about 4/5 years old, and my family and I were visiting my aunt and uncle. The time came for us to go home, but since I was having so much fun I wanted to stay. My parents insisted we had to go home and that we would visit again soon. Vero saw how much I wanted to stay and so she begged my parents to let me spend the night. They were hesitant, but Vero was very convincing! I was so excited about spending the night because I had such a great time. So my parents said their goodbyes and left. Bed time came along, and that’s when I was ready to go home! I didn’t want to spend the night to sleep, I wanted to spend the night to continue playing and having quality time with my cousin! I faintly remember her trying to convince me to go to sleep and that the following day we would have more fun doing all sorts of things. I wouldn’t budge. I didn’t like the thought of going to sleep. My parents ended picking me up later that night. Let me tell you that while I was trying to pull an all nighter, my father and brothers were anxious to go pick me up. I had never spend the night away from home by myself. Anyway, I like to think of that night as my first lil “adventure”, and even though Vero was older than me, she helped me to it! Thanks cuzz, for my first unforgettable “sleepover”, well for half that night that is! I will cherish your memory forever!

Claudie Flores

My cousin, my first best friend, my crazy, confidant you were my one. As children and even adults our family always thought we were up to no good when we were together. I remember as young girls we wrote each other everyday about how each day was. On my XV I remember grabbing your hand to take you to meet the guys and in running with my big dress I fell flat on my butt with my dress all in the air. You tried to help me up but I couldn’t stop laughing. As adults we shared a lot of memories hanging out with our kids and my mami, she loved to see you there. Sharing good meals and conversation, going to mid day movie times while the kids were in school. Comadre your contagious smile and beautiful eyes will forever be etched in my memory. I miss you and love you forever.

Mari Sanchez

My aunt was like a second mom to us (me, Andrea, and Nati). We always knew she would be there for us no matter what. She’d drop everything whenever my sisters, my mom, and I needed her. Thank you tia for always been there through everything and being there for my mom. We love you and will miss you so much!

Nicolas Balboa

Best friend!!!!!!

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