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Theresa Bernice

Compassionate, dedicated, and completely selfless, Theresa “Terrie” Bailey was the sort of person everyone enjoyed knowing. Upon spending only a few minutes with her, it was easy to see that her life was based on something different, something deeper, and that something was her unwavering faith. Terrie’s life wasn’t without challenges, especially during the last four years, yet she never lost her joy for living. A more devoted wife and mother would be hard to find, and she was filled with unspeakable joy to become an “honorary grandmother”. She lived to serve others, and her zest for life was truly contagious. Although life will never be the same without Terrie here, her timeless legacy will be proudly carried on by those who follow in her footsteps.

The 1960s was a decade to remember when the cultural fabric of our nation was being transformed. Early on, we elected the young John F. Kennedy as our 35th President of the United States, but sadly, we mourned his death before he completed his first term. This was also the decade when civil rights came to the forefront led by the peaceful calls to action from Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. It was just as this decade was dawning that Floyd “Cal” and Beulah (Skovsted) Thompson welcomed their twin girls into their hearts and home on November 27, 1961. Theresa Bernice arrived minutes before her twin sister, Tamera “Tami,” in Racine, Wisconsin, where they were raised in the family home on Superior Street where faith and a personal love for God were engraved upon Theresa’s heart. The twin girls had two older brothers, Dan and Jim, and from an early age she wasn’t afraid to stand her ground, as she was a force to be reckoned with.

In many ways Terrie was a young girl of her generation. Although she was the smaller twin, she was the one to push her sister down in the playpen. Even from a young age she was able to speak her mind, yet she was also the one who loved more than you would ever think was humanly possible. Terrie and Tami have always had that special “twin bond”. She and her sister attended Roosevelt Elementary School and went on to Horlick High School. As a teen she was somewhat shy, although Terrie was actively involved in a variety of things including in various church functions. The Thompsons also attended the junior, senior, and family camps at the campgrounds in Shawano, Wisconsin.

After graduating from high school in 1979, Terrie was eager for all that life had in store. She worked at Educators Credit Union and then later as a secretary for Racine Unified Schools. It was her personal life that soon became very interesting as a young woman when she met the young man of her dreams. His name was Francis Bailey, and they met shortly after he and his friend came to the Racine area for work. Terrie and Tami came to the house that he and his friend shared. From the moment they met, Frank knew that he had met someone special. They began dating, growing closer to one another and also to their Lord, Jesus Christ. They dated for nine years, telling family and friends that they would marry someday, but never telling them when. Eventually, they decided to do a non-traditional eloping. It was on April 7, 1990, that Terrie and Frank arrived at the Apostolic Faith Church, Terrie in her wedding dress and Frank in a tuxedo, stepping out of a limo. The sweethearts were married by Pastor Schumacher in the presence of their witnesses and a few family members who found out about their plan. After they exchanged their vows, they drove all over town, stopping to share their happy news with their friends. The newlyweds enjoyed a honeymoon in Hawaii.

As a married couple, Frank and Terrie grew closer together and were blessed with three sons Matthew, Timothy, and David. Together they worked at making a home for their family, and Terrie was loving and supportive, but she was also fiercely protective as a mom. It was pretty clear that nobody was going to mess with Terrie’s boys! At home, Terrie ran a tight ship with a wooden spoon at the helm. She didn’t shy away from administering instant justice when the boys were not doing what they were told to do, yet she was also sure to let them know that they were deeply loved. Frank and the boys enjoyed camping in tents, and Terrie was more than willing to go along since she enjoyed being with her family, however, she did loathe packing for camping. Terrie always hoped that it would rain toward evening so they could then stay in a motel rather than in a tent! Terrie and Frank’s door was always open to their boys’ friends, especially to Brandon who became like their fourth son. To Brandon, she and her husband were Mama and Papa Bailey. Later in life she was thrilled when Brandon and Sadie’s little boy, Elric gave her the opportunity to be a grandma.

Although caring for her family was always first and foremost, Terrie’s life was filled with numerous other enriching experiences. She lived a life of faith, and she strived to be a witness to everyone she met. Terrie was actively involved in her church, the Apostolic Faith Church, including in ladies ministries, platform decorations, tape ministry, and home missions as well as being the foreign missions secretary. It was easy to see Terrie’s sensitive spirit toward missions as she came to tears every time she presented her report. She was forever willing to help those who needed the help in any way she could.

After returning from a skiing trip in Colorado in early 2011, Terrie became ill with a lung disease that would gradually limit her in what she could do. She didn’t like the limitations, but she was not a complainer. Terrie had a steadfast, never-give-up attitude she hated not being able to be in on all the family activities, but continued to offer guidance and advice and, as always, her total love for her family. In early 2015, Frank was laid off from work. This was such a blessing as it allowed them additional quality time together in the last months.

In everything she did, Terrie Bailey was the heartbeat of wherever she went. Although you may not have always wanted to hear what she had to say, it was always something that needed to be said. Terrie’s laugh was contagious, and she was truly humble, patient, wise, and faithful in all things. Her love for her family was without end, and her vibrant faith was inspiring. Terrie will never be forgotten.

Terrie Bailey died on Friday, July 24, 2015. Terrie’s family includes her husband, Frank and their three boys and father Cal Thompson; brother, Dan (Melonee) Thompson; brother, Jim (Andrea) Thompson; sister, Tami (Gary) Mader; and sister-in-law, Laurene Thompson, her in-laws Bob and Verna Bailey, Bob and Janice Newell, and Marshal Bailey, along with many nieces, nephews, cousins, church family and friends. Funeral Services will be held at the Apostolic Faith Church 3045 Airline Road, Mt. Pleasant, WI 53406 on Thursday, July 30, 2015 with visitation from 4:00 p.m. until time of the Funeral Service at 6:00 p.m. In lieu of flowers, memorials in Terrie’s name to Apostolic Faith Church Foreign Missions Fund appreciated. Arrangements by Suminski LifeStory Funeral Homes, Niemann/ Suminski, Milwaukee, WI 414-744-5156

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