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Terry Duane

Terry Nelson

Age 71, September 5, 2012

Loving husband and best friend of Kathy; caring, supportive father of Suzy, Steve, Karen, Nancy, and Ben; father-in-law and friend of Rich, Barb, Dave, Rho, Hernan, and Kate; proud and doting grandfather of Elizabeth, Joseph, Henry, Christopher, Silas, Marita, Grace, Sean, Miles, Nyah, Kingston, Evelyn, and Baby S (arriving soon).

Terry guided his family throughout the years with wisdom, wit, warmth, charm, and love. He was a generous, active participant in the lives of every member of his family. Among his many contributions that will be missed are his mentoring, cooking (especially his dumplings and stuffing), dancing, dog-sitting, and chauffeuring. The number one fan of his children and grandchildren, he spent many hours in the stands and on the sidelines cheering them on. Terry ran the Lakefront marathon, rode the SAGBRAW bike tour across the state of Wisconsin with family members many times, and loved to be outdoors and active. A true optimist (a Milwaukee Bucks season ticket holder, he never left until the game was over, no matter the score), he faced the challenges of cancer with spirit and determination to the end.

Terry graduated from Bay View High School, graduated from MSOE with Honors, and had a long, successful career at Allen-Bradley, where he was respected, admired, and liked by his many co-workers.

His parents were Gerhard and Ethel. He will be missed by the families of his sister Anita and his brothers, Keith and (the late) Jerrold. He was a much loved brother-in-law and uncle to the many members of the Behrs family, and a good-natured friend and mentor to all who knew him.

While the family welcomes your cards, calls, and emails, there will only be a private service at this time.

The family plans to place a memorial along the south shore bike trail, where Terry spent many happy hours.

You are invited to sign the guest book and /or leave of memory of Terry.

Suminski LifeStory Funeral Homes

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Past Comments

Todd and Sue Walker

Kathleen and Family,

We were saddened to learn of the passing of Terry. I had many nice talks with him along the bike trail. He was such a nice guy that he never tried to ditch me when he saw me coming on my bike! He mentioned a few times that he wanted to be around long enough so that all his grandchildren would know him. We feel that all of them, and everyone else in the family, will always have a special place in their heart for him.

With Deepest Sympathy,

Todd and Sue Walker

Kathy Lockwood

Karen and family,

You can judge a lot about a man by the family he has raised. The Nelson family is a wonderful legacy for him! While he will be sorely missed, he is a part of each one of you and will now do his best to protect you from above. 🙂

Love, hugs, and prayers for you,

The Ottos and the Lockwoods

Rob Yumang

Dear Mrs. Nelson and Family,

I want to send my deepest and sincerest condolences to you and your family on behalf of the Yumangs.

I have had the utmost pleasure of growing up with the Nelson family and became especially close with Ben and Nancy and it turn with Mr. and Mrs. Nelson. I will always remember T-Nelly (as he was known to many of Ben’s friends). All of the hours I spent playing basketball, swimming or hanging out with Ben, T-Nelly and Mrs. Nelson were always welcoming. I can’t even count how many rides he has given me to the Y, home from practice etc. Some of my fondest memories of T-Nelly include freshmen orientation at Madison, moving day to the dorms and the time he fixed our boom box Ben and I had in our dorm room. A CD jammed and T-Nelly ever the engineer took it home and unjammed it. He said it jammed because “this” CD was in there. Well it was a rap CD with an explicit phrase right on the CD cover art. Haha.

I have always admired T-Nelly. I’ve always put him on a pedestal. Growing up I thought to myself if I could emulate someone as the definition of the person I wanted to be, it would be T-Nelly. Charming personality, kept in shape, successful career, and most important – family man. He always made family his priority and did an excellent job as doing so. I want to thank Mr. Nelson for having such a positive influence on my life, for getting me that summer job at Allen Bradley, for all the rides you gave me and for fixing our boombox. I was lucky to spend some time with T-Nelly a few weeks ago when he was in the hospital. The funny thing is we both had dreamt about each other that week. He was very upbeat and funny as usual and kept a smile the whole time. That’s how I will always remember him.

God Bless the Nelson Family,

Rob Yumang

Jillian Omdahl

My Memories of Uncle Terry:



Easy to Talk with


Loving to all family members

Road both ways on the Sagbraw to make sure Karen and I were alright and then set up the sleeping bags for us

Served diet soda in metal glasses

Smelled garlic on my breath when picking me up at 5 in the morning for our annual July 3rd party

Runner, biker, athlete



Loved by his neice

Will be missed

Jim Babinski

Terry was a great neighbor for many years. He was a truly nice guy and thought me a lot about life, running and adversity. Rest in Peace.

Dick and Mary Dallesasse

Kathy, I was so saddened to hear that you lost your loving Terry. I have read what others have written and know that he was a very special man to many people. I have not seen you or talked to you for over 40 years, I want to let you know that I have thought of you many times. You too are a very special person and we sharte some good memories. Please know that I will pray for you and your family and with your great faith I know that you will handle what comes your way.


Mary (Donley) Dallesasse

The Abezetian fanily

Karen & Family,

Our thoughts and prayers are with you all.

May the wonderful memories of your father/husband still be your guide through life. Even though you cannot see him, he will always be by your side every day. What a wonderful gift to him with your plans of a memorial on the south shore bike trail. Truly a family full of love.

Praying for comfort to all,

Danny, D & family.

Jamey Young (nephew)

Aunt Kathy & Family,

I wrote this on 9/8 and submitted it on (link to the announcement in the MJS.) I guess it was too controversial to pass their censors. I hope that you don’t find it to be so and that it in an albeit inadequate way, expresses the loss that I feel and the hope I have for for our coming to grips that our lives will have a large void for as long as we are graciously allowed to live:

One of the greatest regrets that I have is not being closer to family. I was commenting to several people earlier this week that I couldn’t believe that I had 2 uncles that I had not seen since 1983 and 1978. Both Terry and Keith were on my mind a great deal this past week as I spend probably my last time visiting my mother-in-law and recognized the “cost” of not having closer family relationships as a result of my pursuit of wealth and adventure in the “last frontier”. I guess I now understand why. I am saddened that I will not be able to tell Uncle Terry that I loved him. I’m sure he knew – and I will be able to when I get the chance to let everyone know that have passed before me when I (hoprfully) join them in paradise. For those who read this, please know that though time, distance and the superficial entrapments of daily “life” overshadows my best of intentions, that my love and gratitude to have you in my life is much greater than I have, or will, be able to express.

I am truly grateful that one of the last conversations I had with my dad a month ago involved him telling me stories about him going hunting with Terry right after (maybe even before) he and Mom were married.

I have truly admired Terry’s success in work and athletics. I will never reach the level of achievement that he reached in those areas. I’m at peace with not having run a marathon or ascending to a level in executive management in a world-class company. The greatest and most important standard that he has set, and I hope to live up to, is the challenge to live life with a dedication to God and family as he did through the public demonstration of how close he was to Aunt Kathy, Suzy, Steve, Karen, Nancy and Ben and all of his grandchildren. The memories I cherish of Uncle Terry are far fewer than should have been. The quality, however, makes up for the quantity.

Please know that as I share in your grieving, that I hope we privately and corporately share in praising our loving Heavenly Father that Terry is now in His glory and was able to be in our lives. Celebrate in the knowledge that our separation is only for a moment in God’s time. I pray that the peace of the Holy Spirit will bless you and comfort all who experience the pain of the loss of a remarkable man.

Patricia Ann "Patsy" Behrs

Dear Kathy and Family,

I am so very sorry to hear of Terry’s death and I hope you will accept my deepest sympathies at this time. I remember when you and Terry visited Grandma Behrs at the Park Hill house. I recall that the two of you did that several times. I also remember your wedding even though I was maybe 6, but I remember you looked beautiful and happy. Very old memories, but good ones. I hope your good memories will help you in the time ahead.


Karen Hughes

My dad has been gone for two weeks now. It is still hard to believe he is not physically here with us anymore. He is still here in my thoughts though. My dad was full of advice; always offering his bits of wisdom any chance he got. I can still hear him; Buckle your seat belt; Did you change your oil lately?; Slow down (this could be in any form); Have fun, but don’t drink too much!; Dip, don’t scoop. I could go on and on! But there were also bits of wisdom from my dad that weren’t spoken, but shown. To love my kids unconditionally, no matter what struggles or problems they may be facing, to make time to spend with those that matter most, to take time for myself, to listen.

My dad had so many accomplishments and led a full and happy life. When he was in the hospital in July, he had a conversation with one of the orderlies. This man, and I can’t remember his name (my dad would have remembered), was painting his house and mentioned he still had half of it to go. My dad said people are always looking forward to what they still have to do. No one takes the time to look back to see all that they have accomplished. He told this man to look back and be proud of what he had completed. The next day we saw him in the hallway. My dad asked him, what direction he was looking in, the orderly replied “Mr. Nelson, I’m looking back!” He smiled at my dad and told me they had a nice conversation the day before.

My dad was a WONDERFUL man, a GREAT dad, husband and friend. Sure we had our arguments growing up, but I wouldn’t have changed a thing. (Well, maybe a couple of things on my end, but not on his.) My dad said a few days before his passing, “Don’t cry for me.” Well, that’s easier said than done, so I can’t make any promises to that. But what I can do for my dad is to be the person he would be proud of; One who loves her kids unconditionally, one who listens, one who spends time with the ones that matter most, one who looks back and not always forward and yes, change my oil when necessary. (I will still scoop though!)

I love you dad and will miss you, but you will always be with me.


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