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Ronald A.

On Thursday, June 30, 2016 we lost our father, son, brother, husband, friend. Ron Rongholt was just shy of his 55th birthday – which he would have celebrated with his twin brother, Don Rongholt on August 7th. We are grateful that Ron was sleeping as he moved from this life to the next…. a peaceful transition.

Ron and Don were the second eldest and first sons of Raymond and Yoshiko (Ono) Rongholt. Born in France, where Raymond was stationed as he served in the army, the boys were born premature and were very fragile. Yoshiko prayed and the boys rallied, obviously beating the odds and living full and happy lives. Ron did this often — he rallied to beat back the hard stuff life deals. Ron also grew up with his older sister, Carol, younger brothers Dan and Matt, as well as his youngest sister Donna.

Ron was extremely intelligent and it is sure that nearly everyone who knew him found themselves suddenly out of gas in front of his house, mistakenly leaving the car idling after giving him a lift home. Ron could talk for hours about anything… from physics to philosophy, how to cook a good steak to astronomy… and he would do this in the most engaging and thought provoking way. As a child, Ron was often called ‘the encyclopedia.’

Ron attended Riverside Highschool in Milwaukee, WI and worked for several years at Blunt Ellis & Loewe, a brokerage firm in downtown Milwaukee. It was there that Ron met many life long friends, including his wife of 24 years, Kristen (nee Sheunemann) – who’s father also worked for the firm. Kristen will miss Ron’s laughter and the long intellectual conversations they enjoyed.

Together, Ron and Kristen are parents to two beautiful children, his princess Megan (21), who will miss his strength and advice and his son Logan (18)… “My boy” Ron would say…., who will miss the endless debates with his father. Being a father brought Ron the most joy he had ever known. His pride in his children and deep, enduring love for them shown on his face always.

Ron also spent much of his working life in sales, but is better known for his long time love for comic books, as well as his magic tricks and palm reading when he was a bartender. When he could, Ron would do or give anything for family. When he couldn’t, Ron would at least offer a hug, which he was very good at. In fact, it was Ron who initiated frequent and firm hugs and expressions of love in the family. Ron always… always said “You just never know when we’ll see each other again…” Every conversation, even the difficult ones, where ended with “I love you”.

Because Ron always managed to do so successfully, we all truly believed he would rally one more time. Though now we can picture him rooting for all of us to rally, come together to grieve and then move forward with love and dignity, with fun and laughter, with Ron held close in our hearts and walking beside us when we need him.

In Ron’s honor and memory, we encourage everyone to hug often and end every conversation with those important to you with “I love you”.

Past Comments

Carol Rongholt

My brother Ron was full of wisdom. When we talked it was usually for hours at a time because he had so much to share, and of course being a Rongholt meant that I too had a lot to say 😉

When I was 19 and he was 17, we were walking near the lake & downtown Milwaukee. He pointed out to me that everything was alive, and that simply because it was inanimate did not mean that it didn’t have some kind of life force. His explanation made so much sense. He explained to me that everything is energy & that nothing really dies, it just changes form. He helped to set me on my path, the path that I still follow today nearly 30 years later … to know the Truth of who we are as spiritual beings and our connection to All things Great & small.

I will miss hearing his voice, and seeing his awesome smile … I will miss his laugh and I will miss our long conversations.

My heart is heavy, my eyes are swollen, and the lump in my throat keeps coming back … but I know that you’re in a better place, I cry for you because I thought you had so much more to share with me & the world, but mostly I cry for myself because I already miss you so much … I will do my best to be happy & to share that happiness with your wife, your children, and all those you loved, because I know that’s what you would want.

I Love you Ron

Megan Rongholt

I remember when you would travel a lot for work, & Logan & I would miss you a lot. You always made it up by bringing us back little souvenirs & presents from wherever you were. My favorite was when you came back from Italy with those suuuuper good cookies that you put over your coffee & they get all warm & melty inside! Mmmm.. (: Or how we didn’t have electricity for my birthday one year & you brought home a big tub of ice cream & cupcakes & said we had to eat it all because we didn’t have a freezer! We played board games all night by candle light & we all camped out in the living room. I miss you so much dad. I love you.

Cassidy poznanski

God, where do I start. When I was just 4 years old you and your family came in to my life. From there my life forever changed because, I now had two families. You always told me that. You always told me that i was like a daughter to you. Always told me that I am capable of many things and I just didn’t know yet. I called you dad since the day I ment and me and your daughter becamr best friends and sisters. I remember the late nights bowling and just like megan said where you use to travel and we would all be so excited to log on to the computer and see you and David waving to us from across the world on camera. There are sooo many memories soooo many good memories that I will always cherish especially the one memories were you tried teaching us how to catch quarters off our elbows because I have yet to conquer that. You were another father figure in my life and I will never ever forget that. I know that you are our guardian angel now and you will be sitting on everyones shoulder keeping us safe. I love you dad, forever and always.

Beth Manders

I met Ron through my amazing friend Donna. We hung out a few times when I was graciously invited to a few gatherings at Donna & Nick’s house on Booth. The enire family was so loving and welcoming and I got to know Carol and Kristin as well. I enjoyed many hugs as I left those parties and remember Ron waiting his turn to hug me good-bye. I was touched by how his embrace was so genuine and caring. For that time, I felt like family. Love, Hugs and Prayers to your family. You will be sorely missed. xoxo.

Julie McNamara

There are some people that you meet in your life that you are instantly friends with, like you’ve known them forever. That’s how it was with Ron and I. We met through friends at work and were inseparable. We played cribbage and backgammon or went for walks on our lunch hour when we worked together at BCS. We went for beers after work or he would come to my house and we would hang out and watch TV or rent a movie. Not a day would pass that I wouldn’t call him or he would call me, often more than once, to talk or make plans.
When I got married to his friend Tim that slowed down a bit but not entirely. We would all go camping or go to Summerfest together, or get together for poker games or BBQ’s at the park.
After my divorce I moved to Colorado and we lost touch for a several years, then along came the Internet and the first person I searched for was Ron. We didn’t talk as much but every few months or so one of us would make contact, and I would visit him and Kris when in Wisconsin as much as possible.
The last time I talked to him was about a month ago. We laughed about old memories. I’m happy for that phone call.
Now he’s gone and I will miss him forever. But I will always hear his voice and his laughter in my head and I will continue to talk to him, I know he will hear me. He always ended his phones calls with “love you’.
Love You Ron!

Michelle Casper

I met Ron while working at BCS. We became friends over the years and came to find out that he actually had gone to grade school with my husband. He was always a joy to be around and even though we lost touch after he left BCS we always made it a point to catch up at the many reunions there have been over the years.
My thoughts and prayers are with your family and I know you’re watching over them right now.

Kat Miller

One of my fondest memories of Ron was one Halloween, right around 2003 2004. The girls and I came over to celebrate. All the kids were in the bedroom, and Rob came in and was reading them a story. But, he wasn’t just reading the story….he was telling and animating the story. It was so cool. They were all so attentive. I loved watching him interact with them like that. So much love and compassion for the kids. My girls talked about that night for a week. It was very special, just like Ron!


I First met Ron when I was 16. We both worked at System Parking in downtown Milwaukee and became fast friends. To be honest I had a crush on Ron, but did not express it. Who wouldn’t have a crush on the guy with that beautiful feathered hair and that million dollar smile? But what really attracted people to Ron was his gentle nature, generousity, and intellect. As many people will attest, he was a deep person, and very philosophical. It was commonplace to engage in conversation with Ron for hours, yet it would seem like only minutes had passed.
Ron introduced me to his brother Matt whom I later married. SCORE! I ended up with a wonderful husband, and my dear friend Ron became my brother. WIN WIN!
I remember when my dad died. Ron and my brother-in-law Nick took leave from work and drove up to Minneapolis to attend my fathers funeral, then spent some three or more days working very hard to pack up and clean out my mom’s house to prepare it for sale. But that is just one of many examples I could give you of Ron’s commitment to his friends, and his generousity.
I am also very thankful to the uncle Ron was to my children. He always gave them lots of love and attention. He would play with them, joke around with them, and tell them fascinating stories that he would make up on the fly. Another example of his giftedness.
Our families were always close. We would spend holidays together, have Packer parties, cookouts, picnics at the lake, go camping together and many other joyful events.
I always thought we would grow old together and continue to make memories. Sadly that won’t happen now, but I will treasure the memories I have, and they are many. I will forever miss you Ron, but will cherish our 38 year friendship.
Rest in Peace my brother, my friend.

caroline jupp nee becker

I remember hanging out at Bradford beach when I was like 15 with my sister beth roscoe nee becker ,ron and randy . we had a wonderfull time and I loved every minute of it it made me feel so grown up . rest in peace ron your with my father dr. jerry becker who was a very good man also my favorite prayer is the serenity prayer ,god grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference. god bless your family ron in there time of need

Megan Rongholt

When Logan & I were little we would all lay in bed at the end of the night & talk about “important things”, which was just asking my dad umpteen questions about every & anything (he always knew all of the answers). You could literally ask him a question about anything & if he didn’t quite know the answer he at least knew a little bit about the subject. He always told Logan & I that you always need to know a little bit about everything so you never have to miss out on an opportunity to have a conversation with somebody. Love you daddy, we miss you!

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