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Robert Engles

The following appears in the Sunday, January 8, 2012 edition of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:

Robert Engles Watt

Bob, who died on Jan. 2, 2012, was an artist and writer who touched many lives in his 86 years. He was preceded in death by his twin brother, Raymond, and his sister, Virginia Dilley. He is survived by siblings: Lois Wood, Phyllis Rulseh, Janet Bursek, Helen MacDonell, Alyce Jarr, and James Watt, by many nieces and nephews, and hundreds of friends whom he has greatly influenced.

A celebration of Bob Watt will be held 7:00 PM on Tuesday, January 17th at Paddy’s Pub, 2239 N. Murray Ave.

Past Comments

Timothy Lee Lostetter

I first met Bob Watt in the fall of 1975 at 117 North Randall Street in Madison, Wisconsin, which was located just across the street from Camp Randall Stadium. He lived in a room on the second floor with his typist Ed, who I referred to as his sidekick. I remember Bob well, with his fur vest and red beard. He drove a white Chevy Impala, I think it was, with a pair of deer antlers affixed to the roof of the car. I lived in a small room with a fireplace on the first floor by the front door, writing songs on my guitar. I’d sit at my desk in front of the window playing and singing as UW students walked by, sometimes looking in at me and smiling. Hung out with Bob, sometimes going for a ride with him. There was like six or seven rooms and we all shared the bathroom and kitchen. I remember Bob and Ed making what he called “Slum Gullion.” That always stuck with me. He gave me a picture of himself with a nude model in the snow. In it, he is wearing that fur vest that I mentioned earlier, and a coonskin cap or akin to one. When I read here that he was 86, I just couldn’t believe it, but 1975 was like 38 years ago which would have made Bob 48 then. He just didn’t seem that old then, and I would have been 22. I just turned 59 in October 2012. I think he kind of felt sorry for me when I got involved with another infamous person – Honey. There were quite the times at 117 North Randall to say the least. But I learned from the Bob Watt School of Poetry of how to self-publish my work. If any cares to see the photo Bob Watt gave me let me know. It’s in fairly good shape. Maybe someone knows the model. I have always remembered Bob and wondered what became of him and Ed. Now I know. Thanks for your post, Timothy Lee Lostetter.

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