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Robert E.

Martin, Robert E. Sr., “Big Bob”
Age 64, went home to God on Thursday January 30th, 2014. Bob was preceded in death by his two sons Robert Jr. and Matthew as well as his parents Florence and Alvin Sr. He leaves behind his wife Joan and grandson Robert III. Survived by his brothers and sisters Sylvia (Sam), Mary (Darryl), Bonnie Martin, Diane (Robert), Debra (Michael), Alvin (Margaret), David (Kathy), Cindy, Terry, and Scott. Also survived by Joan’s numerous siblings, in-laws, nieces, and nephews. Big Bob died after a short battle with cancer. The illness did not take away his quick wit or the twinkle in his eye when he was teasing you or telling you a tale. Bob was proud of his time working at Sorgel/Square D from 1969 through 1994. He worked his way up from a welder to a final inspection/tester. Bob loved hunting and fishing with his sons Bobby and Matt as well as his grandson Bobby III. He loved sharing his time with lots of family and friends throughout his adult life. His wife Joanie said, “He wore his heart on his sleeve.” You could always count on Bob and Joanie for a meal and a story, or for help in an emergency. Bob kept his promise to his son that he would help raise and keep an eye on his much loved grandson, Robert III. Special thanks goes out to Doctor Raymond Moy and his staff Debbie, Kathy and Barb, Father James Lobacz, Linda and Larry Steininger. and dear friends Grandma Rose and Aunty Pam (especially for their wonderful Sunday dinners), my sister Theresa and brother-in-law Phil, and our very good friend Zack.
A letter to my love, my Big Bob, My best friend, my lover, my husband, he was a Dad, Grampie, Brother. He would give you his shirt off his back if you needed it. He gave everyone the benefit of the doubt. I’m going to miss everything about you, your laugh, the scapular you wore, the symbol of your faith, your tears. We did everything together. We were not only husband and wife we were the very best of friends. Many men are strong, but very few have been able to mix the right amount of strength with a great amount of gentleness. When you mix it just right you got “Big Bob”. He had a big heart, big hands and a big mouth, but with all of that you got a great person, great Dad, good listener, loving husband, a fine brother and outstanding friend. And most of all Bob, you were my best friend, my lover, my protector, my good provider, and my comfort zone. I will miss you forever.
Please keep the family in your prayers. A Memorial Mass to take place at a later date.

Past Comments

Tami Steininger

Lit a candle in memory of Robert E. Martin

Brooke Woods

Thoughts and prayers for ur family always

Fr. Randolph Graczyk

Joanie, know that my prayers are with you. Big Bob is at peace with the Lord. I pray that the Lord will give you the strength and comfort you need to get through this painful time. Fr. Jan

Charlotte Vanderberg & Bernard Dolle

I’m sorry we can’t be there as you were for us when we lost our beloved Kenny.
Our prays are with you.

May memories ease your sorrow
May time bring you peace.

Charlotte & Bernie

Tami Steininger

Lit a candle in memory of Robert E. Martin

Theresa Graczyk

Big Bob passed away on 1/30 at 1:30 am. Only Bob would make sure we had numbers to bet on when we go to gamble. He wanted to share some of his lifes stories and I will share a few with you. One of the stories was about his and Joanies’ only trip to Vegas. They went with a group from their church. Bob had never gambled before but he did want to try out some of his favorite numbers on roulette. He won thousands of dollars that first night. He was so in “The Mood” that security had to help him get to his room with his many cups of chips. The casino wanted to make sure he spent that money there so they compt his room and even gave Joanie and him a free trip in the future. They gave that trip to some friends.
I guess once was all Bob needed. He made sure Phil memorized his favorite numbers so when Phil goes to Vegas in March he will win playing roulette. He was so happy to share that memory. He laughed alot telling that story.
Another time when under the influence of his illness and the medication, he kept laughing and talking but I really could not understand what he was saying. I asked him what he was doing. He said,”I am in a gazebo.” I said what are you doing there. He said,”Having fun. There are lots of flowers and friends and we’re drinking.” I asked, “What are you drinking?” He said, “More, lots more.” And he started to laugh out loud. I bet he stayed in that ‘fun place’ he was sharing with lots of friends, drinking and laughing, for at least 45 minutes. I think that is how Bob felt about living. He wanted “more, lots more”.
He wanted more time to share with Joanie, his family and his many friends. He did not want anyone really to see him when he was so very sick, but he did share some of his memories of you all. He was the one that told Joanie how he wanted to spend his last days. Joeanie did only what Big Bob wanted. She took alot because he limited who he wanted to see, but she did what he wanted. Even in death Joanie is following what Bob wished.
If you ever went hunting or fishing with Bob you should know that he talked alot about it. I heard more about cleaning fish or gutting a deer in the last couple months than I ever heard in my life. I even think I could help to make deer sausage. Everything he talked about, Joanie was part of. They shared everything. He talked alot about his boys, Bobbie and Matt as well.
One more story. He said that the one thing he was most proud of doing in his life was saving a man. He took his boys out duck hunting. Matt was about 11 and Bobbie was about 14 then. They were just about to call it a day. They were tired and hungry and still had a long walk through a very marshy area to get to their car. But at this point Big Bob thought he heard someone calling out. They thought the guy was calling Hal! Hal! Bob waited and they heard the call again. Bob said they had to go look for the person, but the boys being boys just wanted to go home. Big Bob said no, they had to go check it out. It turned out that the guy was calling for help. He had been out all day, he was cold and very sick. He had drank the bad swamp water. He could not walk. Big Bob carried him out. It was 2 miles or more. The boys had to carry the man’s guns plus all of their own gear. Bob said that the man would have died if they had not gone back and found him. Bob was proud that he saved this man. But Bob did not just want to help this stranger. He also wanted to teach his sons a lesson about helping others in need even if you are tired and hungry. He wanted to teach the boys the importance of being aware of the needs of others and to be willing to put yourself out there for others. Bob and Joanie always tried to help others and they taught that to their sons and their grandson.
Bob lived as best he could. He had more sorrows then most but his motto was to just put your head down, put one foot in front of the other and keep going. He felt he had more to do but that was not to be.
Love always and forever,

nichole mejia

Loved seeing you n aunt Joanny every Halloween outside giving candy n waiting for us kids n our kids to come by so we could give our hugs n kisses for our $1. There’s One less cheek to kiss now 🙁 it won’t be the same without you, You will be truly missed! Love you uncle Bob!!!

annette kleczka

aunt joan called you big bob but not cause you were big but because you had a big heart

Larry Steininger

Thursday, January 30th we got 6 inches of snow and when it let up around the noon hour I went outside to shovel. I started shoveling and thought wow this will take me a week as we have a rather long driveway. So I got the snow blower out on a beautiful bright sunny day, pleasant temperatures by Minnesota standards. I stopped and thought about Big Bob and what he meant to me and I felt Big Bob tugging at me to go and snow blow my neighbors driveway so I did. Sounds like Big Bob with his big heart always doing something for someone else. Miss you already my good friend! Love you Larry

Crystal R.

He will be truly missed. He was a wonderful uncle.

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