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Rev. Frank J.

Through the life he lived each day, Frank J. Tamel exemplified what it means to be the hands and feet of the Lord he loved. There was no one who met him and left unchanged, and there was nothing that he wouldn’t do for all who were within his reach. It was easy to see that Frank adored his beloved wife, and together they raised children of honor, integrity, and compassion who made a difference in the world around them. Although he accomplished so much of which to be proud, he was a humble man who counted everything throughout his life’s journey as God’s divine provision and leading. Life will never be the same without Bishop Tamel here, but the lives of countless others will be forever changed because of his touch.

It was great to be an American during the Roaring Twenties as innovation fueled changes that transformed the way we lived our daily lives while prosperity was the dominant force. It was during this exciting time that a young couple from Cudahy, Wisconsin, welcomed a baby boy in the family home on Sommers Avenue on April 12, 1923. Frank J. was the oldest of four children born to his parents, Frank J. and Marie (Czerwinski) Tamel, and he was raised alongside his siblings, Julian “Tony,” Waldemar “Buddy,” and Mary Ann. His parents were of Lithuanian and Polish decent with his father working at the Ladish Company in Cudahy and serving as the secretary of his labor union while his mother managed the home. Frank was greatly impacted to see the love and respect that his grandparents received from their children, which would be something that would be carried on in his family.

Although the 1920s were good times, the Great Depression of the 1930s ushered in trying times. Despite the challenges of the day, it didn’t change the joy that could be found in the hearts of the Tamel family. Frank was adventurous with his partner in crime, his brother Tony. Together they kept their mother on her knees praying for their safety on a daily basis. Frank loved playing sports, especially softball. He was 11 when his uncles gave him a set of boxing gloves. Frank was a student at local schools including Cudahy High School where he entered the high school’s first boxing tournament before he even turned 14. His opponent was 19, but Frank gave it his all and was declared the winner after three grueling rounds. Boxing became his thing, only losing one bout while in high school. Frank went on to become an undefeated Golden Gloves champion in1941.

It was around the time of sweet 16 that Frank spotted two girls walking down the main street in Cudahy one evening – one girl he recognized and one he didn’t. Although he stopped to talk to the girl he knew, Frank couldn’t take his eyes off this mystery girl with pigtails and the most innocent smile. He discovered this intriguing young girl to be Angeline Vincer, and she lived on a small farm just outside of Cudahy. Frank did some work on her father’s farm just to be near her, and when Angie met Frank’s parents they were as smitten as Frank was.

Frank never formally proposed, but gradually it seemed that their conversations changed from being “I” to “we,” and with a desire to establish a life together they were married on October 17, 1942. Since he was due to be drafted, Frank enlisted in the Navy and reported for duty just three months after his wedding. His bride joined him in DeLand, Florida, where Frank III “Sandy” was born on August 16, 1944. Frank was deployed to the Pacific aboard the USS Lexington while Angie returned home with Sandy. After three years of service Frank was discharged from the Navy in January of 1946. Together Frank and Angie were blessed with two more children, Anthony on February 7, 1946, and Cheryl on December 14, 1950.

Back in Wisconsin Frank returned to his pre-service employment at the Ladish Company, which became unionized, and he became a local union member. Frank was later elected president of the Local 509 Blacksmiths Union for four terms and eventually became an international union representative. After seven years he accepted a position with the labor relations department at the Ladish Company.

Life was forever changed for Frank when he joined his wife and his parents attending an apostolic Pentecostal church in Milwaukee. God led Frank to the place where He graciously granted him repentance and completely changed his demeanor. Frank was baptized in the name of Jesus at Elim Tabernacle on Milwaukee’s north side and would later receive the baptism of the Holy Ghost.

Shortly thereafter, Frank and Angie became vibrant servants of the Lord. Frank felt led to teach Bible Studies, and he followed this call in 1965 when asked to teach a Bible study in the home of a black family in the inner city during a time of great racial tension. Seven members of the L.M. Hunt family were baptized as a result of Frank’s obedience. Bible studies have been the foundation of Frank’s ministry, bringing people not only wisdom and knowledge of the truth but also the strength to weather life’s storms.

After God moved him to establish a place of worship in South Milwaukee, Frank held the first service for Parkway Apostolic Church on May 3, 1972, in the basement of his sister’s home. When a small vacant church in Oak Creek became available, Frank and Angeline sold their house in Hales Corners and moved into the parsonage. The door of their home was always open to anyone in need. Lives were transformed because of their faithfulness and generosity, and the church continued to flourish. Because of their faithfulness, all of Frank and Angeline’s children are committed to serving God as well. In May of 2003, Frank’s son, Anthony, became Parkway’s senior pastor while Frank accepted the status of pastor emeritus.

During his sunset years Frank was deeply saddened with the death of his beloved Angie. His health also declined due to a heart condition.

Throughout his time of service to the Lord, Bishop Frank Tamel directly and indirectly affected the lives of countless people. He lived to preach the gospel and to share his passion by mentoring men who became the pastors of more than a dozen churches. Frank’s touch also spanned across the globe as Parkway Apostolic Church supported missionaries in Africa, Europe, South America, and Asia. A genuine leader and servant, he was appointed secretary of the Milwaukee’s Apostolic Alliance, a group of over 20 inner city churches. Through Frank’s life we are reminded that happiness is not found in what we have, but that it is through loving and serving others that we are richly blessed. He will be deeply missed and forever cherished.

Bishop Frank John Tamel died on January 20, 2014. Bishop Tamel is survived by his children, Frank (Sandra) Tamel III, Rev. Anthony (Diane) Tamel, and Cheryl (Juan) Rodriguez; grandchildren, Matthew Tamel, Jennifer (Adam) Lasik, Rebecca (John) Kettler, Melissa (Jeff) Leamy, Joseph (Theresa) Tamel, Michelle (Brad) Snow, Aimee (Rob) Jadrnicek, Andrew (Dawn) Rodriguez, and Aaron (Jessie) Rodriguez; brother, Waldemar “Buddy Tamel; sister, Mary Ann (Tamel) Wright; 15 great grandchildren; and spiritual family and friends. Bishop Tamel was preceded in death by his wife, Angeline Tamel, and brother, Julian “Tony” Tamel. Visitation will be held on Saturday, January 25th at Parkway Apostolic Church 10940 S. Nicholson Rd. Oak Creek, WI 53154 from 12:00 p.m. until time of the Funeral Service at 3:00 p.m. Private interment Forest Hill Memorial Park Oak Creek, WI. In lieu of flowers memorials to Parkway Apostolic Church for the advancement of young growing churches. Suminski LifeStory Funeral Homes. Niemann / Suminski (414) 744-5156.

Past Comments

Steven and Kathryn Wahner

Our family will always remember Bishop Frank Tamel and his beautiful wife Angeline with much love. They were instrumental in our becoming members of Parkway Church over 30 years ago. We are honored to have known them both and cherish all of the times spent with them. We are very honored to have been married by the Bishop and we will miss his awesome smile. May God Bless him richly, it is well deserved for this wonderful man of God. The Wahner Family

charles barrie

I came to Parkway in 1981, was in college for Art and Film, seems the air was charged with Divinty, at Altar call Pastor Tamel stayed with me some ten minutes or so as I attempted to repent as best I knew how, the second visit I was baptized, the third visit I received the Spirit. Completely turned my world upside down (right side up). I grew in this new life under the teaching of Pastor Tamel, and have prayed for him that the oil of gladness (Psalms 45) be upon him for his many burdens. His works do follow him unto the judgement of that day approaching… I love Pastor Tamel, being a son-in-the-gospel to him. His passing is a finishing of his course, an inspiration to all of us touched by his labor in the Lord. Selah.

Corey and Carmen Oschmann

Carmen and I will always remember Bishop Frank Tamel and his beautiful wife Angeline with love. They were great sources of knowledge and wisdom. We are very honored to have learned many life lessons from them both and we will miss his preaching. May God Bless him as he has ran the race and crossed the finish line waiting for his eternal reward. Many crowns will be bestowed upon Bishop, an awesome man of God! – The Oschmann Family

Ronald and Sharon Kleczka

Sharon and I are unable to be present on this day due to medical issues. However, please know that our thoughts and prayers are with you and the family. We met your Dad dueinr our first visit to your church for a National Day of Prayer Meeting. We could see the joy in his face as he talked about you, Tony and Diane. We will pray for you during this time of grief and ask our Lord Jesus to give you the strengths needed – spiritual, physical, mental and emotional.

Your brother and sister in Christ,

Ron and Sharon Kleczka

Len & Kim Severinsen

Len-Kim Severinsen 34 years ago Pastor Frank Tamel reached over at that time a small crowd and shook my hand and said to me ”Now don’t you leave us”.for those were my very thoughts during that 2nd visit..loving the Lord for”He gets sweeter and sweeter as the days go by”..(YEARS)..forever thankful for Brother Frank Tamel instilling in me the knowledge of God’s Holy Word and His Holy Name Jesus…”What a day that will be, what a GLORIOUS DAY that will be”

Toni Bergeron

Memories of my Dear Pastor Tamel:

You have always been my shepherd who watches over me. I’ve had my times of stumbling and falling, but you always picked me up. You made that phone call that nobody else made to see where I was, so you wouldn’t lose that one wandering sheep. You showed up at the hospital when I hadn’t been to church in a couple of years, but I had put your name down as my pastor. You gave me guidance and imparted wisdom to me. You preached to my hungering heart that wanted to know truth and you preached it directly in love, just as the Bible said. You always said, “Make your calling and election sure!” You taught me how to always bend my knees at the altar and to keep my heart soft towards God and pliable for Him to work in my life. There are so many words of knowledge and wisdom that you have imparted to me that have never left me. For example, you said, “Don’t walk with one foot in the world and one foot in the church,” because I wouldn’t want my children to be confused in their walk with God. You always preached the second coming of the Lord and to watch and be ready! You gave me hope in looking for our Savior to return for His bride. You always had the right words to comfort me and to make my situation better. Throughout my youth and the years of going to the Christian Academy, you and Sister Tamel have passed along priceless teachings and instructions on how to live a Godly life. And, you lived by example in grace and love. You opened your home to our young family to share in your friendship group when home friendship groups were first getting started, and you extended even more grace and hospitality to us.

You were the one who baptized me at the age of 10 on Christmas Eve in 1974. I had been seeking the Holy Ghost for a while before my parents would approve of me to get baptized, and before I went down into the water you asked me if I believed I would receive the Holy Ghost right there in the baptismal water. Your encouragement and many other words built up my faith and when I came up out of the water, God filled me with His Holy Spirit with the Bible evidence of speaking in other tongues, just like you always preached. You sang many songs while I was changing and getting ready to be baptized and continued to sing them after I received the Holy Ghost. The one I remember so clearly is “I’m so glad that I’ve been buried in the Name of the Lord!” I love those days in the A-framed church when we sang before and after every baptism. It built up the excitement of the new birth experience for each new convert! It was a celebration of life! I love you, my Dear Pastor Tamel. You are my hero, now and forever!

I remember whenever I had to write a paper for school when I was in the public school that I always wrote about the things of God. I wrote about baptism in the Name of Jesus, about my experience of receiving the Baptism of the Holy Ghost and about how much I loved Jesus. I wrote about these things because the Word of God that you preached to my soul was made alive and real to me. Whenever anyone ever asked who my hero was, it was always you and Sister Angeline who were my heroes. You have been the most precious people in my life, and the impact you have made in my walk with God is indescribable. Thank you from the depths of my soul. Thank you for being all that God intended for you to be and for answering His call on your lives. I love you – forever.

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