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Pfc. Evan Andrew

Generous and kind, passionate and committed, United States Marine Corps Private First Class Evan Andrew Bath lived a life rich in faith, family, and service to others. Never one to demand the spotlight, Evan possessed a strong moral code and a willingness to stand for what he believed was right. A friend for life, Evan’s loyalty was unquestionable, and his determination unwavering. A devoted son, grandson, brother, and friend, he had a terrific sense of humor and just enough sneakiness to keep life interesting. Though his days with us were far too few, the gift of his life will long be remembered in the hearts and lives of those who were blessed to know him.

2001 was a year of incredible change. As the Apple Computer Company released its iTunes program and NASA’s Near Earth Asteroid Rendezvous Shoemaker spacecraft (NEAR) became the first spacecraft to land on an asteroid, the year began with much hope and national pride. It was upon this wave of pride and hope that, on May 28, 2001, Memorial Day, Aleta (nee Williamson) and Andrew Bath welcomed their son into the world at St. Luke’s Hospital in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Born on the day our nation honors our soldiers who died in battle, and growing up in the wake of 9/11, Evan’s childhood was built on the firm foundation of faith, loyalty, and the willingness to be of service. The only child of Aleta and Andrew, Evan grew up in a loving home where he learned the importance of hard work and sacrifice. While his mother worked as an executive secretary, his father honed his craft as a carpenter. Evan loved helping his Nana Williamson cook, clean, and sew, and he cheerfully followed his mother around to help her. The highlight of his day was when his dad returned home from work. It was then that the two would share their special daily playtime.

While the family lived for a time in New Orleans and Texas, Evan grew up in Oak Creek, Wisconsin, as well as a few other cities in southeastern Wisconsin. Despite his Midwest upbringing. He always considered himself a “southern boy” at heart and hoped to move back to Texas someday. When he was around 4 or 5 years old, Evan had a keen interest in trains. While visiting West Virginia, his parents took him on a memorable train ride; he was beyond excited to step out between the train cars.

As a young boy, Evan enjoyed taking things apart to see how they worked but was never good at putting them back together. Legos and video games were his go-to toys, and he loved dressing up in costumes. A fan of Star Wars and Indiana Jones, his firefighter and adventure wear were quickly left behind for military garb.

At the age of 14, Evan received the Holy Ghost August 30, 2015 at Parkway Church. Evan loved God, and he enjoyed helping out at the Church Sunday School and Bible study. Though he didn’t like getting up early on Sunday morning to go to church, his mother would often find him in his room praying.

During his teen years, Evan became interested in his own ancestry. He was very proud when he learned that he had descended from Viking “royalty.” His interest in his ancestry sparked an equal interest in history, especially Medieval times and anything to do with Vikings. He played strategy and war games that had Medieval and Viking themes on his laptop and would make up detailed maps and write backstories for the characters in these games. He also loved telling stories from history and could throw out dates and details that would impress any historical scholar.

Evan enjoyed watching old episodes of Gomer Pyle, Gilligan’s Island, and Hogan’s Heroes. The Rocky and Rambo movies were also favorites while watching SpongeBob SquarePants and drinking buckets of sweet tea were his guilty pleasures. Though he wasn’t really interested in football, Evan proudly donned the Dallas Cowboys hat his Uncle Shawn gave him. In spite of living in Packers’ territory, his love of Texas soon had him enthusiastically rooting for the Cowboys.

As Evan’s senior year in high school approached, he decided to transfer from Oak Creek High School to Connections Academy. The online school afforded him the flexibility to set his own schedule. Answering the call to protect his country, it was at this time that Evan decided he would enlist in the Marines once he graduated. With signature passion and discipline, Evan set his goals on being as fit as possible when he entered the service. Once his school work was complete, his focus switched to working out. To ensure he could fit all his workouts into his day, schedules became very important to Evan. As a result, his dad came to fondly call him the “Schedule Master.”

On July 29, 2019, Evan proudly joined the United States Marine Corps. While facing the rigors of boot camp, Evan began reflecting on life and family relationships. He wrote his mother frequently and often sent home prayer requests for his friends. Evan quickly became good friends with Zach Nichols. He and Zach shared their faith and prayed together, and Evan even grew close to Zach’s parents. Upon returning home on leave from boot camp, he asked his mother and Aunt Brenda if they would host an early Thanksgiving dinner for the whole family while he was back. They gladly obliged, and Evan was delighted to have everyone he cared so much about all together.

Evan served the first half of bootcamp with Lima Company, however due to medical issues he graduated bootcamp with Bravo Company. Based on his score on the Department of Defense’s rigorous Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) test, he was given the option to choose from the majority of the possible Military Operational Specialties (MOS) to focus his military career. Without hesitation, Evan chose the infantry. After Infantry Training Battalion (ITB) and Military Operational Specialties (MOS) training, his Permanent Duty Station (PDS) was at Camp Pendleton as an infantryman in the 15th Marine Expeditionary Unit (MEU), 1/4 Bravo Company. Honored to be a part of two great units he cared deeply about, Evan embraced his call to service with dignity, discipline, commitment, and courage. Ultimately sacrificing his life for his country, along with eight of his military brothers, Evan proved a hero whose life will long inspire those who will carry his legacy forward.

PFC Evan Andrew Bath died in a training accident off the coast of California on July 30, 2020, at the age of 19. Evan is the beloved son of Aleta Williamson Bath and Andrew (Courtney) Bath. He is the dear step-brother of Ashleigh Delnero and Natalie Hubbard. He is the loving grandson of John and Gerilyn Bath, and Larry and Linda Williamson. The dear nephew of Eric and Brenda Bath, Chris and Christine Bath, and Summer and Shawn Daniel. Evan is the “adopted nephew” of Jacob Davies and Rob and Aimee Jadrnicek, he is further survived by other relatives, friends, and his United States Marine Corps Family.

In lieu of flowers, to honor Evan, memorials can be directed to Brothers In Arms Foundation or gofundme/ In Memory of Pfc Evan Bath USMC

Past Comments

Debby Chiorino

I am a Marine Mom in Oxnard, CA. My son was in Bravo Company several years ago and is now stationed at Pendelton. My heart broke for you, dear parents….as I read the obituary, your Evan sounded like a rare young man. How wonderful, he came to know the Lord Jesus…it must be a comfort to your heart, knowing Evan is with Him in Heaven now. I have been praying for you and your family since I heard of the accident…asking the Lord to be a daily comfort to your minds and hearts for life. Remember and hold on to this Psalm….121 which will bring comfort,knowing WHO will help you each day.

Rhonda Davis

I was evan’s school bus driver for route 230 when evan went to oakcreek east middle school. I remember when I picked him up at his bus stop each morning on chestnut & juniper streets. He always had a smile on his face & always said good morning as he got on the bus. He spoke with a few kids as he went to his seat in the back of the bus. Evan was one of the best behaved students on that route. One day he lost his student I.D.on the bus… he was a bit upset the next morning and asked if I had seen it. At the end of each day I check my bus for items that may have been left behind by the kids… i found evan’s I.D. & returned it to him . He was so happy to get it back & I explained to him that was part of my job to look out for the kids i took to & from school each day. He always said Thankyou at the end of the day as he got off the bus., I really enjoyed having him on my bus and wondered about him after he graduated from 8th grade at east middle school. I’d see him occasionally at oak creek Highschool & he’d wave when he saw me. I know bus drivers shouldn’t get too emotionally attached to their kids , but I couldn’t help getting attached to a great kid who respected everyone & everything. I was so devastated & heart broken when I heard about the tragedy involving Evan. When I first heard his name announced on the news the first thought was dear god please don’t let it be him…. I am very proud to have known a very honest & sincere young man. To his parents… i feel great sorrow in the loss of your beloved son…to his friends and other family members I offer my condolences on your loss. I will miss this great soldier who only wanted to do the right thing and protect his country. I will definitely miss you Evan… Rest In Peace My Friend…. I will never forget you..
Your Bus driver,

Rhonda Davis

Holly Hackett (Mom)

Our Marines graduated from boot camp together, from Lima Company. Minnesota has your Marine and family in our heart and prayers. Your Marine family will never forget Evan.

Holly (MoM)

Patrick Lenzi

Our sons were in Advanced Infantry Training together at Camp Pendleton last Winter. Our son, Jason, got to know Evan during “Patrol Week”. Jason told us that he and Evan Were assigned to the same unit and shared The same fox hole for four nights during that time period. Jason Said that Although the nights were cold and rainy, he really appreciated Evan’s friendly personality and witty sense of humor. He said Evan could make him laugh Which helped take his mind off of the lousy weather conditions and made it a bit more tolerable. Your Evan sounded like quite a guy. Please know that Evan and your Family are in our Family’s thoughts and prayers.

Pat and Kerri Lenzi, Brookfield, Illinois

Lisa McShane

I live in Milwaukee, and am a Marine mom of a son at Camp Pendleton who was in Bravo Company for awhile, but has now moved to Charlie. I just can’t even imagine the depth of loss, pain and sorrow your family is going through! Prayers for God to comfort you during this most difficult time. May you find peace in the beautiful memories of Evan.

Gina Hanna Stokes

I, too, am a Marine MoM. I wanted to reach out to you with my deepest respects and humble sympathies with the loss of your Marine. His sacrifice won’t be forgotten. It takes a special lady to raise a Marine.

Your Marine MoM group is here to hold you up when you need us.

You have a special Angel.

Jerilyn St. Amand

Hi, I do not know your family but I wish to send your entire family, relatives, and friends my deepest and sincerest condolences to all of you. I read Evan’s obituary and cried. What a fine and talented young Man and Soldier you raised. Always hold your heads up high for that. I am also so sorry for Evan’s and his fellow Service Members for the untimely and tragic ultimate sacrifice that he and they gave for our country. Rest assured that Evan and his Brothers are all in Heaven with all of the other Angels that God calls all too soon. May Evan’s and his brothers precious memories bring a smile to your faces always and may God’s arms be wrapped around ALL of you and the Military and help you through this tragic loss. I am so sorry.

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