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Luz Delia

Luz Delia Torres was a soft spoken, gentle woman who was driven by love for her family. She approached her life with a simple attitude, finding joy in working hard and loving even harder. A devoted wife, loving mother, and doting grandmother, Luz Delia Torres lived a life to be proud of.

The 1920’s rushed in with a roar, bringing with them the age of the speakeasy, jazz, prohibition and flappers. Luz’s story begins as this decade is drawing to a close, right at the dawn of the Great Depression. In Loiza, Puerto Rico, Facundo and Valeriana (nee Melendez) Mundo were busily preparing their home for the birth of a new child. On January 12, 1927 the Mundo’s joyfully welcomed their new bundle of joy into their lives, a baby girl they called Luz. Luz spent a happy childhood growing up in Puerto Rico. One of 12 children in her family, Luz never lacked a playmate. She spent much of her childhood in school as well, and proudly completed high school.

In 1953, Luz made a decision that would change her life. And, like most life changing decisions, it was driven by love. After having met a young man named Jose Torres, Luz decided that she would follow that man anywhere. In 1953, she ended up doing just that. While Jose lived in Puerto Rico as well, he decided to move to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, where his brother was living. When he moved, Luz moved with him, and the two soon settled on the east side of Milwaukee. Then, on July 17,1954 Luz and Jose joyfully exchanged vows and permanently joined their lives together in marriage.

Luz enjoyed her new life in Milwaukee, and often took the bus downtown to shop at Boston Store or Gimbel’s department stores. Before long, Luz and Jose were blessed with a family, welcoming their first son, Manuel, into their home in 1956. Manuel’s birth was soon followed by two more sons, David in 1960 and Raul in 1963. Luz loved being a mother, and took great joy in staying at home to raise them and create a loving home for her family. Her love for her children didn’t make her too soft though—she was quite the disciplinarian, and always made sure her sons stayed on the right path.

When her children were a little bit older, Luz decided to try her hands working outside of the home. She obtained a job as a secretary at the Guadalupe Head Start, which was one of the first head start programs in Milwaukee. Her skills in speaking Spanish were of great help to the staff and parents in the program, and she would often translate between the two groups. The job was a great fit for her, as Luz loved children. Luz retired from Guadalupe Head Start in 1991 after 35 years of service.

Luz took great joy as her children grew older and she was blessed with grandchildren and great grandchildren. Family was always very important to her, and she would never pass up an opportunity to invite her family and friends to her home on a Saturday night for a game bingo and a bowl of “asopao” (chicken and rice soup). In fact, one of Luz’s favorite traditions was to host Sunday lunch at her home, a tradition which her children always enjoyed. She was so eager to provide this meal for her children that, if they were not able to come, she didn’t hesitate to bring lunch to them! And several times, Luz was able to visit her family in Puerto Rico, though she had to overcome a dislike of flying to do so.

Unfortunately, age began to take its toll on Luz’s health. After experiencing shortness of breath during a trip to Puerto Rico, Luz went to the doctor and was diagnosed with pulmonary fibrosis. This disease soon became too much for her to handle alone, and it became necessary for her to have in-home hospice care. In August of 2010, a fall at home required Luz to enter Maple Ridge Health and Rehabilitation. After a brave fight of 4 years, Luz died on September 6, 2010.

Luz was a beloved wife, a cherished mother and a devoted grandmother. Surrounded by her family, Luz lived a life full of joy and love, and she will be forever treasured by those who loved her. She will be greatly missed.

Luz was preceded in death by her beloved husband Jose M. Torres. She was the cherished mother of Manuel (Kathy) Torres, David Torres and Raul (Marie) Torres. Luz is further survived by 7 grandchildren, 5 great-grandchildren, brothers, sisters other relatives and friends here and in Puerto Rico.

Visitation will be held on Thursday, September 9, at the Suminski Family Funeral Homes Funeral Home, 1901 N. Farwell Ave., Milwaukee, WI 53202 at 6:30 until the time of the funeral service at 8:30 PM. A private interment at Holy Cross Cemetery will follow. Please visit where you can leave a memory, share a photo, and sign the online guest book.

Past Comments

Antonio Badillo

I remember when I was little kid and i used to go to her house mostly everyday, because my elementry school was right down the block. Everyday that i went to her house she would always make sure i was satisfied, and i was because my favorite used to be Macaroni and Cheese, she would always ask me “are you hungry?” and I would always say YES, then she would ask me all the time “do you want Macaroni and cheese?” and guess wat… I would always say Yes! Also when she cooked me breakfast i would always tell her “i want the bread toasted but not burnt” and she would always smile and laugh and say “ok”. Man I still remember those good eggs she used to cook, I can taste them right now as im writing this letter. The last memory I will always miss and always remember, is when every sunday, my grandma and grandpa would always have dinner at there house and all the family would come and have a great time. She would always cook Rice and Beans with Chicken and Salad, and Tostones. IT WAS SO GOOD!!! My grandma would always make sure everybody eats first and when everybody’s done she would eat last, that showed me that my grandma really cared for me and the whole family. I will always miss her rice and beans, eventhough my mom tries to make it as good as grandmas once in a while but NO! Never as good as Grandmas. The other reason i missed going to he house every sunday is because me and my grandpa and some others would sit down after eating and watch the Packer Game when it was football season. R.I.P Grandma. I know you and grandpa are having a blast up there. We’ll all miss you! Love You!

Sincerely: Your Great Grandson

Antonio Badillo

Iraida Segarra Torrers and family

Dear family: I am so sorry for Titi’s loss. May you take comfort in knowing an angel is watching over you. We are thinking of you during this difficult time.Please accept our heartfelt sympathy on the passing of Titi Luz. Love

Iraida Segarra (Aurora Torres and Rafael Segarra’s daughter)

Amy Badillo(Torres)

Today is the day I have to say goodbye to the most extraordinary woman I have ever known and that is my grandma Luz. I wondered what it is that I wanted to say as I was sitting down to write this because there are way too many memories to fit into one little paragraph. I most grateful to have my grandma for all these years. She has been there for all my greatest moments as well as my not so great. She just wasn’t a grandma she was my mother. Being the oldest grandchild and being a girl grandma always treated me as though I was her daughter. If it was one thing that stuck out the most about grandma is that she always put her family first! I am lucky to have so many childhood memories of her from her goodie goodie eggs she would make for me and my brother in the morning when we had spent the nights…to watching Love Boat and Fantasy Island only after grandpa got to watch his Sabado Gigante for a little while. I would spend my school days off(catholic school)and go with my grandma to work at the Guadalupe Center and watch her work and spend time in my madrina’s classroom(Veva Maldonado)my grandmothers best and great friend..and then I would sit and eat lunch with grandma and hear tell all the staff that this is my grand-daughter Amy…those moments would make me feel special..grandma would make it that way with just how proud she was of her family no matter what. As time grew on and I myself became a mom my sons had the opportunity to have a great-grandma in their lives too. Again grandma kept up with the tradition of the goodie goodie eggs as she watched and cared for them as I worked. When my sons became older and school-aged I place them in the Headstart program and right there beside me was my grandma proud of her family once again. This time she could show off her greatgrandsons to old coworkers and to see that smile in her made me proud to have a grandma like her. Sundays were a special day in the Torres house as grandma and grandpa would argue about who cooked what “nena did you put this or that yes Jose I did!” But sitting down at that dinning room table every Sunday was what made her happy. Even if you couldnt be there when everybody else was there she would put the leftovers in the oven and call you to ask when are you coming I have rice and beans waiting here for you! Now I wish I could have those moments again…but they are just the memories I hold in my heart of the greatest woman ever MY GRANDMA… I love you grandma and my heart is breaking but I know you are at peace and you can finally be with grandpa once again and the two of you can now be the Torres Family’s guardian angels watching down.

Your Grand-daughter Amy

Reinaldo Torres y familia

La esposa perfecta para mi hermano Jose, la dulsura de una tia como tu, ninguna. Estamos en tristeza por tu partida, pero a la misma vez sabemos que Jose Manuel te esta esperando junto a los demas Angeles que la familia Torres tiene en el cielo. Siempre estaras en nuestros pensamientos cunada y titi querida. Nos va a ser falta los reganos famosos que le dabas a Jose Manuel especialmente cuando decia alguna palabra mala ” Ave Maria Jose no te pongas con esas” o los zapatasos que le metias en la cabeza.

Te queremos mucho

Reinaldo, Bea y familia

Jenira Torres

Grandma I will miss you terribly. I know you’re in a better place. You’re finally back with grandpa. I’m ok with your passing because you didn’t deserve to suffer. Luz you were a saint. You loved and cared for everyone around you. You and grandpa were honestly the only grandparents that were a part of my life. For that, I am greatful. I would look forward to seeing you and grandpa every Sunday and spending the holidays with you. Having you with me for Thanks Giving and Christmas last year was all the gift I needed.

I love you so much,

your granddaughter.

Jenira Maria Torres


I was vary blessed to enter the Torres family at the age of 1yrs old. For as long as I can remeber she took me in as one of her own. Luz Torres was the only grandmother that I grew up with.

It hurts alot to know now that she is gone, but at least I know she is in a better place in peace and with no more suffering. Luz always made sure that the family came together on Sundays and on the holidays. I know that it ment alot to me as much as it ment alot to the family.

There is alot that can be said about my grandmother but everyone kept on going on with everything that she has accompished we will all be talking for ever.

RIP Grandma Luz now you can be happy with no pain no more suffering and be able to be reunitted with your family and most of all your loving husband Gandpa (Jose)

I will never forget you for one moment you will always be in my heart.

Love your grand daughter,

Sahara M . Al-Ali

Rachel Quast

I never met Luz, but I know her son, Manuel. By knowing him and his kind soul, that says alot about her, as a mother! She clearly was blessed with him as a son. God be with her now and the future. Much peace to all the family.

Rico Hernandez

I met Luz and Jose Torres on a couple of occasions years ago through their son Manuel. It was an honor and a pleasure meeting Luz and Jose Torres, the parents of my friend Manuel.

I have known Manuel for years, since our High School days at Boy’s Tech. His quiet strength, intelligence, generosity, joy of living, his sense of honor, respect and devotion to God, family and friends is a cherished gift I am sure he received from his dear mother and father Luz and Jose. I have known Manuel and his wonderful wife Kathy for years and after visiting with them I always leave a deep sense of warmth, love and simply put – a wonderful time together. It is from that feeling that I get through all of the wonderful times spent with Luz’ son Manuel and daughter in-law Kathy, that I can only imagine the bountiful memories of the wonder filled years that Luz and Jose, Manuel’s parents, shared with and provided for Manuel, Kathy and all of their family and friends.

My dear friend Manuel, it is my hope that during the days ahead that you and your whole family and friends can draw comfort from all of the wonderful times and memories that you shared with your mom, Luz. When I read your mother’s life story it touched my heart and reminded me how wonderful and precious our time is with our loved ones.

Manuel, Kathy and to all of Luz Torres’ beloved friends and family, I hope you can be comforted by all of those loving times, and especially comforted by the hope set forth in our Heavenly Father’s promise of our being able to be with our loved ones again in the future.

With my deepest condolences and with love –

Your friend,

– Rico

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