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Please scroll down for service, celebration of life picnic, and memorial information as well as a link to online directions to the service and picnic.

Isabel Valdez

Isabel Valdez is the daughter of Amparo Torres and the late Miguel Angel Torres, the mother of Juan Angel Valdez (her only son), the sister of (oldest to youngest): Frankie Acevedo, his family, and grandchildren; Ada Iris Torres; Lillian Torres, her family, and grandchildren; Tammy Torres, her family, and grandchildren; Marixa Torres and her family; Yvette Torres, her family, and grandchild.

Isabel was a baptized dedicated servant of Jehovah for over 30 years with the Milwaukee Spanish East Congregation. The last few years she served as a full time pioneer/minister of the good news. She attended and graduated from Milwaukee Tech High School in 1984. She was a loving and caring mother, daughter, sister, aunt, niece, cousin, and friend. Next to her son, her mother was the dearest person to her.

The Memorial talk will be given by Rick Santiago, Saturday, July 14, 2018 at 2:00 PM at The Kingdom Hall of Jehovah’s Witnesses 5747 N. 29th Street, Milwaukee, WI 53209.

There will be a remembrance picnic potluck to celebrate her life on Sunday, July 15, 2018 from 2:00 PM – 10:00 PM at The Firehouse 2255 76th Street, Franksville, WI 53126. Bring as much or as little as you’d like: grills, music, games, just come. There will be a park area outside and ample space inside if there is inclement weather. There will be no alcohol or smoking allowed on the premises. For questions about the picnic contact David (414) 460-7667.

Cards and donations can be sent to: Amparo Torres, 2860 S. 34th Street, Milwaukee, WI 53215.

Past Comments


There are so many memories.
I was very protective of my sister. There is one that does stand out. She was in 6th grade at Halley Rd elementary. She told there was a boy who was bullying her. I told her not to worry. The next day I took off of school and went to her school. They were at recess and she showed him to me. I grab and told him next time I won’t be nice. He never bothered her again. Love you Always Sis ❤️

Lucetta White

I’ve known gentle Isabel since she was a child, a dear lovely child. I watched her grow into a gracious wonderful young lady. When I spoke on the phone to her a short time ago she gave no indication that she was seriously ill, her conversation was about Jehovah and how he was blessing her. She was always a loving, caring, precious person and the love for her continues. Though I grieve deeply for her I do not despair because this sad period will soon pass and we will see her wonderful smile and hear her lovely voice again, soon, and all will be well with her. It was a blessing to know her and I look forward to seeing her again, well and happy.

Yvette sister #6

Isabel said to me “when you’re not looking you will find it” and I found it.
I miss you and I love
I just had to say that even though she can’t read this

Kelly Dennis

Isabel and I met at Steuben in 7th grade. Once invited over to her home and meeting her mom and siblings, you couldn’t keep me away. Her home was a safe and fun place for me to be. And of course there was the crispy fried rice and fried plantains! LOL I couldn’t get enough of that Puerto Rican food her mom made. Fast forward through life. We lived together for one year in Brown Deer which is the time she got pregnant with Juan. I moved away to Colorado for the past 21 years and lost contact with her. I checked Facebook and Googled her name every year but never found her number anywhere. A couple of years ago I came home for my brother’s funeral, and another friend of mine wanted to take me to an antique gift shop but they were closed. So we ended up at a Goodwill instead. The moment I walked in the door at Goodwill I saw Isabel standing there and screamed out loud ‘Isabel!’ Without seeing who was yelling her name because she’d wasn’t wearing her glasses, she screamed ‘Kelly!’ She said she knew it was me just by the sound of my voice. I’m pretty sure that everyone in Goodwill that day could hear our reunion. I have since moved back to WI and have stayed in touch. But of course, now that she is gone, I’m feeling I didn’t see her or talk to her as often as I wanted to and should have.
My life has been blessed with having her and her family in my world. My curiosity about God started when I was hanging around with her so many years ago and even went to one or two Assemblies when we were kids. Thank you Amparro for taking in yet one more child!
I have forever admired Isabel’s love, faith and obedience to God! I’ve never met anyone so dedicated to her faith in Him! My heart aches from missing her already, but I do know she is in such a beautiful place now.

DeAnna Hazelwood

Back in the day we used to have sleepover at titi’s house and i remember one of her dinner specialties was spaghetti (actually thats the only thing I remember her making for dinner lol) & she only had 3 movies “what about bob” “beaches” & “beauty and the beast”. =) we all must have watched them a million times. and 2 random things she taught me was how to compare prices at the grocery store and speed walking is better then regular walking. love you always titi isa

Lloyd DAVID Ninham

I remember being at the house on Becher St for one of many sleep overs and we were watching The Little Mermaid on VHS when the part came on when she loses her voice and Titi Isa jumped in front of the tv and fast forwarded the scene…lol. That and the giant wooden spoon hanging on the wall that she used to spank from time to time that eventually was broken and Juan’s butt.

Eunice Nicholson

The cook out at Lillian’s on 92nd St. Many of our friends were there and of course Isa-Bella-Wella joined us in her seeet reserve. Sharing her beaming yet shy smile. Thanks for the tea and cake and warm visits. I will sorely miss you.
I will see you again my dearest sister!
Jehovah’s blessings

Teresa (Terri) Hamilton

I have known Isabel Since we were about 8 yrs old. We met her and her family at the Kingdom Hall. We went to 37th st. School and then to Steuben and her first yr she went to Washington High School. She then transferred to Tech. Even though Izzy was shy and serious we always had fun together. (I can’t tell everything lol) And even though my family moved to Indiana we always stayed in touch. Izzy was loved by everyone and will be truly missed! ❤️

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