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Julio Edwardo “Cano” Reyes was the ultimate family man. He would do anything for his wife, children and grandchildren, his parents, siblings and extended family. Life revolved around them, and nothing made him happier than when he was with them. No matter what the occasion, Cano found an opportunity to celebrate family and to ensure that everyone enjoyed being together. As a host, he made people feel at home, and as a jokester, he always brought laughter to any gathering. Cano’s love of life was immense, and it spilled over into the lives of those around him.

Born Julio Edwardo Reyes in Bronx, New York, “Cano” was the youngest child of Edwardo and Magdelina (Torres) Reyes. He was welcomed into a family of four siblings—David, Jimmy, Andrew, and Millie — on July 14, 1966. Little sister Evelyn would eventually complete the family. Though Americans were experiencing turbulent times with war protests and political assassinations, the Reyes family enjoyed life as a close knit family, and his parents instilled in him the values of loyalty, hospitality and determination.

Throughout Cano’s childhood, it was said that he stuck to his mother like glue. As he grew, their relationship remained strong. He was the one who taught her how to drive. On the very first day he purchased his car, Cano took his mom for a lesson saying, “Don’t worry Mom, I trust you.” Truth be told, he had taken her to the “boonies” where there wasn’t a car in sight.

After graduating from high school, Cano had joined the Army Reserves, but life changed most when he married the lovely Marisol Rivera. The loving couple was blessed with two children—Elyce and Leah—and when Marisol’s sister died, they took her two children into their home. They raised Melissa and Joel as if they were their own because, in fact, they were.

Cano worked at Northwestern Mutual Life in Milwaukee as a loan and surrender specialist. Interestingly, Cano was known as Edward in professional settings, but at no time did he use his given name Julio. Cano was a committed employee and always eager to participate in work-related events. Whether it was a Brewers’ day event, a company family day, take your child to work day, or promotional parties, Cano was proud to have his wife and children at his side.

Cano loved celebrating with his family for the holidays, birthdays, promotions—you name it, he was there. More often than not, he organized and hosted family get-togethers at home or at parks and helped with shopping, cleaning and cooking. He loved to grill, especially pork chops that he seasoned perfectly. He cooked a Spanish soup called “salchichon soup” that was so heavenly his guests were sure to say “mmmmm” at the first spoonful. Whenever family or friends came to his house, Cano made sure they had something good to eat.

To say the least, Cano loved his family and was so very proud of his children and grandchildren that he couldn’t stop bragging about them. With lighthearted intent, he joked to his brothers and sisters, “My children are the only 100% pure Puerto Rican children in our family.” To his brothers and sisters-in-law, he chided in jest, “My daughter is prettier than yours” or “My grandson is much more handsome than yours.” Even concerning his mother and mother-in- law, he teased, “My mom is better than yours” or “My mom cooks better than yours.” In response, Cano’s family just chuckled and continued the mock debate.

Chalk it up to a competitive spirit, Cano was constantly challenging those around him. When it came to trivia, history or language, he was rarely outsmarted and often corrected his family and friend’s grammar. As for sports competition, no one rivaled his beloved Green Bay Packers and game day was sacrosanct. When the Packers were playing, every TV in the house and even the garage was tuned to the game. Cano was such an extreme fan that he was known to “dismiss” people for being on the opposing side or coming into the house wearing a different team’s jersey or cheering for the other guys. Yet, even though he might be bummed-out if the Packers lost, he was still the ultimate host, preparing delicious food and drinks and making sure everyone had a good time all season long.

With family and friends around him, Cano was most content. He loved being at home, reading or watching his favorite TV programs—Game of the Thrones, Shameless, cartoons, old sit coms and of course the History Channel. Sitting outside in the back yard was pure relaxation and playing with his dogs was a treat. From an early age, he was so devoted to his pets that when the family dog ran away, Cano spent his own money to get the dog out of the pound.

Tenderhearted and sentimental, Cano put his family ahead of himself. With his tendency to hold onto items around the house, he never got rid of his children’s toys as they grew older. Now they become precious gifts that allow them to hold onto Cano.

Edward “Cano” Reyes found peace Saturday, October 19, 2013, age 47 years. He died in Glendale, Wisconsin. Beloved husband of Marisol (nee Rivera). Cherished father of Melissa Rivera, Elyce Reyes, Joel Rivera, and Leah Reyes. Proud grandfather of Adelia Ortiz and James Griffin. Loving son of Magdelina and the late Edwardo Reyes. Fond brother of David (Rebecca) Reyes, Jimmy (Cindy) Reyes, Andrew (Judy) Reyes, Millie (Yahchanan) Hampton, and Evelyn (Tim) Reyes. Further survived by other relatives and friends.

Visitation at the Funeral Home Thursday, October 24 from 3:00 PM until the time of the Funeral Service at 6:00 PM. If desired, memorials to the family are greatly appreciated.

Suminski LifeStory Funeral Homes. Suminski / Weiss, 1901 N. Farwell Ave, (414) 276-5122.

Past Comments

Kathy M Jambretz

I was Ed’s first Team Leader when he started working at NML.

He was a young wise guy even back then however I found him to be a great employee and friend. He always spoke his mind and wasn’t afraid to ask you how old you were and answered with Damm you’re old. He was always after me to retire with over 40 years I plan on retiring early next year and was looking forward to telling him. He will be missed.

Theresa Coffee

Edward was my uncle and we called him Tio Cano. My fondest memory of him was when we were little and he dressed up as Santa at the family Christmas party for all the kids. My little sister, Marlena, was about 5 or 6 at the time and was so excited that Santa was there. After he left, a little bit later Tio Cano came back in the house and Marlena ran up to him so excited and said “Where were you?! Santa was here and you missed him!” He told her he was out fixing the car and the look on his face was such joy to make her so happy. That is my favorite memory of my uncle.

Nick Riley

I was Ed’s colleague/mentee at NML.

Ed and I would always joke around. He called me “the son he never wanted” and I would call him “the dad I Inherited by default” . Ed had a huge heart and cared so much about his work, family and friends. He was truly a asset to us and will never be forgotten.

I’m going to miss my buddy.

Allen Vaughn

I met Ed when I came to Analyst Services 5 years ago. We would chat whenever we passed by each other. Thats all Ed talked about his grandbabies. I will miss your sense of humor and honesty. You will be missed my friend.

Anna Pecor

I first talked with Ed on the phone when calling his department at NM with questions. He seemed hard, strict on the phone but always with the correct answer. Then I sat next to Ed (Cano) for a number of years. It was then I learned he was one of the funniest co-workers I ever had the pleasure of laughing with. He would always tell me when the grocery store had a sale on pork chops. “I’m gonna stop on my way home from work…mmm’mm…love pork chops” he’d say. We always talked about his dog “Honey” and his grandson James. He was proud of his Puerto Rican heritage. When it came to work, he was impressive with his knowledge. Often people would seek him out as a resource, Ed knew his work. I moved to another area of NM and we’d see each other on occassion, but not long enough to really catch up. I regret that. I’m gonna miss you Cano. I’m going to watch the Packers and have beer and pork chops just for you. Rest peacefully.

Crystal Johnson

I was Ed’s former mentee at NML. He was such a “prankster” and a “jokester” but very knowledgeable. For my mentor time, he would come to my desk, eat his sunflower seeds and take his socks and shoes off. We would sing the 80’s music “off key” and couldn’t figure out who sang worse. He had a huge heart, loved and cherished his family. Last but not least, Friday afternoons after telling him to have a good weekend, his response, “Monday is right around the corner.”

Caviah Goins

I am at a lost for words. Ed Reyes was a very kind and gentle soul. A very sensitive and caring man. I only knew him 2 short years working in Loan & Surrender at NM, but I am a better person, because our paths crossed. He was a hard worker, extremely knowledgeable about his job, funny and outspoken. He could brighten any day by singing one of his 2 favorite songs I found love on a 2 Way street, and Jesus take the wheel. He loved His family and his dog “Honey”, and not a day went by without him talking about his grandson “James”. Ed will be deeply missed by all who knew him. My prayers and thoughts are with the family.

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