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Angeline Alice

Angeline Alice Tamel was born on June 14, 1924 in Minneapolis, Minnesota, the second of six children of Phillip and Dorothy Marie (Millet) Vincer. Her mother’s ancestors came to America on the Mayflower, and her father was of Italian descent.

Among the happiest memories of her childhood was sitting on the porch and listening to her father and uncles play Italian music on mandolins and guitars. She thought that her uncles and dad were the most handsome men in the world. She wanted to marry someone just like her father. The closeness, love and hospitality that Angeline experienced from her parents and grandparents would be passed from one generation to the next.

During the Great Depression there was little money for outside entertainment so Angeline and her siblings—Margaret, John, Peter, Phillip and Mary Ann had no trouble using their imaginations to keep themselves entertained.

Angeline was impetuous and had a habit of doing exactly what she was told not to do. While she had little patience for organization, she focused on matters that impacted her emotionally. She enjoyed going to Sunday School, but she couldn’t go often because of the distance from the church. Still, there was something that drew her to God

During the first eleven years of her life, Angeline’s parents moved eight times, making it difficult for her to establish lasting friendships. Her family finally settled in Silverdale between Cudahy and South Milwaukee where she began 7th grade and later attended South Milwaukee High School.

Tragedy struck when the family was involved in an auto accident where Margaret and Mary Ann were severely injured. A year later Mary Ann developed pneumonia and died.

Angeline entered her teen years with her mother’s stipulation that she could date when she was 16. About that time she was invited by a friend to go to a boxing match. When she saw the curly-haired blond boy in the ring, she thought she would like to get to know him. It took several weeks, but Angeline learned that his name was Frank Tamel. When they finally talked, he asked her where she lived. The next morning, Frank showed up at her house on horseback. They hit if off right away and so her first date became her only date. Her mother’s approval came with these words, “If you marry Frank, you’ll never go hungry.”

Frank’s parents fell in love with her and treated her like part of the Tamel family. Frank never formally proposed, but gradually it seemed that in their conversations “I” became “we.” They were married on October 17, 1942.

The wedding was a simple affair with just family in attendance. The family had little experience in making wedding arrangements so they never considered a reception, a wedding cake, or where they would go after the ceremony. Their honeymoon consisted of going to Chicago to visit friends. However, in years to come, Frank took his bride for many honeymoons all over the world.

Frank was due to be drafted so he enlisted in the Navy and reported for duty just three months after the wedding. Angeline joined Frank in DeLand, Florida where their first child was born on August 16, 1944. He was named Frank III but was nicknamed “Sandy.” When Frank shipped Angeline and the baby came home to Cudahy to stay with his parents. Anthony Phillip was born on February 7, 1946. With the birth of their daughter Cheryl on December 14, 1950, the Tamel family was complete.

Early in 1957, with the encouragement of her in-laws, Angeline felt a need to get serious about her relationship with God and was Baptized into Jesus Name. She witnessed to her husband who also was baptized and the two of them became vibrant servants of God. Angeline was involved in choir and taught Sunday School with an uncommon wisdom. She rarely used teaching illustrations outside of her personal experiences. She had a way of making her stories come alive to everyone who heard her.

In 1972, God moved Frank to establish a place of worship in South Milwaukee. While still holding a full time job, he gathered interested people in the basement of his sister and brother-in-law’s home. Angeline was left to handle every need that came along.

When a small vacant church in Oak Creek became available Frank and Angeline sold their home in Hales Corners and moved to the parsonage. Side by side, they labored for the Lord, with Angeline teaching and providing pre-marriage instruction for couples and giving financial counseling to anyone who asked.

Their home always was a welcome place for people to come with their needs, from family members who had nowhere to go to strangers with addictions and even mean dogs. Because of her care and generosity, and the love of Christ that she displayed, lives were transformed.

Because of the faithfulness of their parents, all of Frank and Angeline’s children are commitment to serve God. Angeline loved her children unconditionally and would tell her children how fortunate she was to have them while they felt they were the blessed ones.

Although Angeline never attended college, she served as principal at Parkway Christian Academy for close to twenty years. She proved herself to be an exceptional mentor for the students as well as an extraordinary bible teacher.

Together Frank and Angeline formed memorable traditions of faith and family that remained with the children when they left home and started families of their own. Wonderful family meals were standard fare and holidays were always special. She always had time for her grand children, particularly on birthdays. She took every grandchild and great grandchild out for their birthday, letting them pick the place to eat and the store from which to buy their gift.

Angeline stayed close to her siblings and parents. She provided care for her mother until her mother’s death at the age of 106. Both she and her mother saw the good in others, never gossiped, kept a positive attitude and lived each day with vigor.

During her illness near the end of her life’s journey she took great pleasure in family singing, and worship with praises to God. We were blessed to have her with us through the holiday season. She was called home on Wednesday, January 6, 2010.

Past Comments

Barbara and Bob Mohorko

What an awesome blessing Jesus gave us when He gave us Sister Tamel. She truly was a Proverb’s woman in action and deed. We were always greeted with that fantastic smile she gave to all. She will be tremendously missed, but she will hear Jesus say: well done thou good and faithful servant. Our prayers and thoughts go to the entire Tamel family, especially Bishop Tamel. May her memories warm your hearts as Jesus comforts and reassures you that He has all things under control.

Sis. Denise Atkins

I’ve had the privilege of knowing Sis. Angeline Tamel for 48 years. My fondest memory is from my childhood. My mother had abandoned my brother and I when I was 12 years old. My father sat me down one day and asked me if I wanted to go live with Bro. & Sis. Tamel. I was told that Sis. Tamel had offered to take me in and raise me as her daughter. I’m sharing this because it’s important that those reading this understand that she was a very selfless woman. Isn’t that what being a Christian truly is? Being selfless and putting others and their needs above your own. I cannot think of a more selfless act than to offer to help a young abandoned child. Can you? I am thankful as a adult, a mother, and a grandmother for the example she has been and for the kindness she has shown to me throughout the years. She has been faithful, consistent, steady, encouraging and always sensible. I will truly miss her. I am encouraged, yes encouraged! I know someone that I believe has made it in! I believe when she awakes she will see Jesus’ face. I want to be there! You are all (the family) in my prayers. I love you!

Kim Stier

I am honored to say that I knew such a woman of value and wisdom, love and kindness & most of all Godliness..

The lessons she had taught me as a young mom and wife will never loose their value.

Her smile never changed, its was real & sincere. The times I went to her with a heavy heart, I walked away with the peace that passes all understanding.

so much to say about the Woman God blessed me with, from watching her hug my children to her hand that touched me in a lovling way. She truely was her mothers child and what a legacy that is.

Will those shoes ever be filled ? Not in my eyes. I remember one story amoung many it is the day of a family picnik at parkway. we were sitting with her while eating lunch and Patti had been stung by a bee right on her face. with out a thought she grabbed her hand & said come on honey I will make you feel better, she walked us to her home & as we were walking in Patti looked up at me as if “wow I get to go into her home” [we guess that bee was a blessing to us.”] she made up some baking soda salution and rubbed it on her head. All was better.

The next morning was church, can you guess who approched us, Yes it was Sis. Tamel checking to see how my daughter was.

I may not beable to be the woman she was ,but I know the woman that I am has alot to do with her…Thank you God for blessing me & my family, and giving me an example to live by.

I will treasure the pictures I have of Sis Tamel with each one of my children. & my heart will treasure each and every memory I have of her.

Darla Mclean

I met Sis. Tamel shortly before Gerry and I married. That is 36 years ago. She always loved me like a mother. She was there when Andrew, Brian and Heather were born, she was there through the sickness of Gerry in 1980, when we pastored, she wrote me notes of encouragement and phoned me to find out if I needed any direction, help or love.

Throughout my life at Parkway, she has been a shining example of what a godly woman should be. She taught me to be a teacher, a mother, a leader, a missionary. Her love for God was contagious. Sis. Tamel had a way of getting you to agree with her. We often said, Sis. Tamel could sell ice to an Eskimo.

She will be missed. Last February when we returned to Nigeria, we left with special memories of Elder Tamel and Sis. Tamel, over the Christmas holidays and into the New year we spent several evenings together. How I cherish those evenings.

She is gone on to her reward, but one day we will be with her again in that heavenly home. All the lives she touched will be there and there will people from every tribe and nation, grateful for the love of this godly woman and her love for the souls of men everywhere.

May God be with the Tamel and Vincer families. You are in our prayers.

Darla and Gerry McLean

Melinda Czarnyszka

First I want to express my sadness to the entire Tamel family, and extended family.

When I first became born again on 8-21-88, it was Sis Tamel who was my pillar of example. Always encouraging and uncompromising. I remember how she would encourage me to teach bible studies, lead Bible Quizzing Teams, enter Prision Ministry and the list goes on. When these mile stones were crossed, she would just simply sit there in her quiet confidence and knowingly smile. I used to love cooking with her in the kitchen at various events, and she taught me to be selfless for Jesus. Even during a time where womens ministries were more laid back, she believed in me. As crazy for Jesus as I was sometimes, she would say “you just keep living for Jesus” and forget what others think.

I was also close to Sis Vincer too and how I also love Dorthy. She was also so amazing! Like mother, like daughter. I remember the Tamel’s so graciously opening their home to me to conduct women’s meetings and have luncheons. I was so honored and we had amazing times in Jesus. I remember arriving one day and I asked Sis Dorthy how she was. She looked at me and said well…..I had a little stroke last night, but Jesus healed me! It was as simple as that. That is just the way it was for her. Then she tapped my hand and said, let’s get cooking. And, she could cook the best Italian spagetti ever!! How could I not learn faith had I not know those types of inspiration?

I will deeply miss the pillar of Sis Tamel in the spirit world here, but love the her home is made in Heaven, forever with Jesus! Oh how the angels must be rejoicing!

My father also passed away on January 6th, 37 years ago. I guess January 6th for me is a day of memorials…


Melinda Czarnyszka

Sis. Judy Donnelly (N. Fort Myers, FL

In 1977 my first husband’s family brought us into the family of “Parkway”. Since that time I have many wonderful memories of my spirital mother. Cooking, cleaning, teaching, mentoring, counselling, Sis Angie was involved with her whole heart and soul. I will cherish all these moments forever. She will be sorely missed but she is now finished her race and SHE HAS WON!!! THANK YOU SIS. TAMEL for your example of what a true Christian woman is all about.

My prayers of strenght for the family during this difficult time.

Love In Christ

Sis Judy

Dawn Stokes

We are a blessed people for saints of God such as Sister Angeline. Her example with each step she took. Godly mother, godly wife, godly teacher. She took us all under her wing. Inspired us, encouraged us. When all hope was gone she helped restore it!! Marriage counselor, financial advisor, faith restorer. We are a blessed people!! Let us all carry on a part of her and this race will be much easier!! Praise God. I love you dear lady, thank you for being such a wonderful teacher by example.

Wendy and Jeff Miller

I was sad to hear the news of Sister Tamel’s passing. She was such a blessing to me and so many members of the church family. I will never forget how she talked with me as a brand new Christian about how to live my life so my husband would see Christ through me. It was a lesson I never forgot. The last time I saw her, both Jeff & I were at Parkway giving our testimony as to how the Lord is always there during our trials (and after my stroke). When Jeff was preaching, Sister Tamel had me sit next to her, she was like a mother to me. I always felt priviledged to have learned from her so many valuable lessons. I will take those lessons with me throughout my life, and I will see Sister Tamel when we all get to heaven!

My prayers & gratitude to the Tamel family for sharing her with the church family. Thank you Brother Tamel for letting Sister Tamel be used by God, she was such a blessing & very loved by Jeff & I. She deserves to rest, she fought & won the race to the finish. I wish I could have made it to the funeral, but didn’t hear of her passing until AFTER the memorial service. Thank you Brother Tamel & family for sharing this precious lady with us, God bless you with all his grace & blessings in abundance! And thank you Jesus for the gift we had in knowing Sister Angeline Tamel.

love & prayers,

Wendy & Jeff Miller

Andrew Rodriguez (Grandson)

I’m 35 years old and for at least 28 of those 35 years I had the privelidge of living with or next to my grandmother. My whole life has been blessed because of this wonderful woman I call grandma.

There’s a story my grandma told all the time to my family and I. When I was 4 I never wanted to go home…I always wanted to stay the night by my grandparents house. Grandma said I would find her after sunday night service no matter where she was in the sanctuary. She would feel a tug on her dress and turn around to find me looking up at her. She said I would say in my little 4 year old voice, “Gamma, me go with you…me go with you!” She said she could never say no to me with my big brown eyes staring up at her.

Well grandma, I can’t go with you anymore but I promise I will see you again on that bright shiny day…oh what a day that will be.

I love you grandma.


Andrew McLean

What an impact Sis. Tamel has made on mine and my families life. I am so indebted to her. In a day where we celebrate so-called “heroes” who throw, hit or catch a ball, Sister Tamel was a true hero. What an incredible legacy!

As I began to reflect on the life of Sis. Tamel a couple of weeks ago, the Lord let me see a great and mighty tree. It was the “tree” that is Parkway Apostolic Church. The tree was enormous and had branches that literally spread around our nation and the world. However, we know that a tree can only stand if it’s root structure is strong and great. Sis. Tamel, you were that root structure. Hidden from sight, but providing nourishment and strength to the entire tree.

Being involved in music at Parkway as a musician and worship leader for years, I got to have a unique perspective from the platform of Sister Tamel. When I was young we sang songs such as, “Joy Unspeakable” and now sing songs that have lyrics like, “I feel the joy…” or “it’s the overflow of a forgiven soul…” As a worship leader it has always amazed me to look out over the congregation as songs like these are being sung and people look as if they are the saddest individuals in the world. That was not Sister Tamel! With Sister Tamel it didn’t matter if the song was new, old, slow, fast, gospel, contemporary or even rap. She would be clapping or lifting her hands with a smile on her face that stretched from ear to ear. Every service, every time, without exception. Thank you for that example. You lived a life that overflowed with the love of Christ. I will never ever forget it.

I could fill pages with memories and stories. Over the course of my life I have been in various ministries that have geographically kept us away from Parkway. It is amazing how every time we would come home and see Sis. Tamel how her eyes would light up and she would treat us like we were the most important people in the world. She loved us like we were her own. That is one of the things that made her so special. She treated everyone that way.

Sis. Tamel has been an icon in my life from my earliest of memories. When I think of church, I think of Frank and Angeline Tamel. Growing up my father used to sing a jingle quite often, “Baseball, hotdogs, apple pie and Chevrolet”. All of these elements are woven into the fabric of American culture. The giving, love and ministry of Sister Tamel has been woven into the fabric of my life. I never thought there would be a day when she wouldn’t be there or that I would have to say good-bye one last time. Time has a way of eluding us, slipping through our fingers. As we reflect on her life, Sis. Tamel gives us one last great lesson. It is this. Live your life in such a manner that at the end you know you made a difference in your world.

To the Tamel family, thank you for sharing your sister, wife, mother, grandmother, great grandmother and aunt with us. You are in our prayers and thoughts during this difficult time.

With all of my love,

Andrew McLean

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