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Andrew John

A true and gentle spirit who had immense love in his heart for family and friends, Andrew Woychik leaves behind a life of memories we will never forget. He was always the one to say “sorry” first because he truly hated to fight, and he would never shy away from saying “I love you” to his parents and loved ones – even often saying the words first. It is so difficult to say farewell to such a good spirit in this life.

The year in which Andrew made his life’s debut, technology and living steadily became faster and more modern. The DVD was launched in Japan making VHS seem old fashioned and cumbersome in the near future. The world celebrated the Summer Olympics in Atlanta, Georgia where America’s women gymnasts won the team gold medal. A listener could enjoy the sounds of the Red Hot Chili Peppers and The Smashing Pumpkins on the Top 40 Charts or see blockbuster hit movies like “Independence Day” or “Twister” which had incredible special effects.

Just before the official start of summer in Hammond, Louisana in 1996, many lives were about to change for the better. On June 19th, Andrew John Woychik was born into the world. His life was a gift to Chris and Kim (Miller) Woychik who were blessed to become his adoptive parents. Life really began when Andrew made the move to South Milwaukee, Wisconsin where he spent the rest of his childhood days. His parents worked hard to provide a good life for him. His father worked for the USPS, and his mother worked at Willowcrest Care Center as a business office assistant. Andrew had the excitement of sharing his youth with two brothers, Bryce and Zachary. Sadly, when Andrew was four years old, the family endured the loss of his brother Matthew in November 2000. With the support of one another, he and his family carried the sorrow in their hearts but eventually found the goodness in life again.

Andrew’s youthful days were spent doing the typical activities boys enjoy. He loved to play with his Nerf guns along with his airsoft and paintball guns. He also looked forward to the trips to visit his little brother’s grave at Forest Hill Cemetery because those trips always allowed for personal reflection while sinking his fishing line into the nearby water. His legs pedaled his bike around in the warm sunshine for hours and hours, and he would often cool off with a jump into the water for a swim.

When he was not out and about creating adventures in his neighborhood with his brothers or his friends, he had other activities that kept him busy. He was a Cub Scout which taught him many life skills early on. In addition, he dabbled in his musical talents with Jon Bauer who provided Andrew lessons on the drums, and Eric Bath who showed him how to strum a guitar. Unfortunately, Andrew broke his arm which made both of these pursuits difficult to continue.

As he matured into a teenager, he did not slow down. In fact, he found a true passion for anything that had speed. One of his true loves revolved around motors – especially fast motors! If the motor was as loud as it was fast, all the better. This interest was further pursued when Andrew discovered car shows. Between the ages of 18 and 21, he owned 7 different cars and trucks! These kept him busy, but sometimes he did like video games if there was nothing else to do; however, he would rather hang out with his friends than spend time in front of a screen. He also had a special place in his heart for the girls in his life – especially Rachel and Amber; they were adored by Andrew’s family as well, so spending time with them was always easy for him.

Growing up, his family took several trips. They traveled to Florida two times together. One of the trips was notable for its detour to Hammond, Louisana for the purpose of introducing Andrew to his biological family. This trip had a tremendous impact on Andrew because it meant so much to him. Other special destinations for the family included annual vacations to Minocqua on Little Crawling Stone Lake. They would spend an entire week fishing on the Chain of Lakes in a 24-foot pontoon boat on which many memories were shared.

In 2014, Andrew celebrated earning his diploma from South Milwaukee High School. As he began to develop an adult life, he took on the responsibility of working a job. His first money making opportunity was spent working in the kitchen at Johnny Mo’s in South Milwaukee. Later, he worked at Don Jacob’s Toyota as a car detailer for almost two years. Most recently, he was looking forward to the opportunity to start a new job as a carpet cleaner. While he was finding his footing in the life ahead, Andrew was lucky enough to share a close enough relationship with his parents to still live at home. Here he was able to grow the relationships with his brothers as well. Andrew’s dog, Diesel, was a great companion to him along with George, Jax, and Dexter – the other furry friends living under the same roof.

In his free time, Andrew rooted for the Green Bay Packers, his favorite football team. He enjoyed listening to a wide range of music, but he particularly liked country. Appropriately, he loved the movie “The Fast and the Furious” which went right along with his love for speed. Ultimately though, Andrew just loved to live a full life – pure and simple. He enjoyed his friends and family every day even if they were just sitting around enjoying good conversation. Sometimes he learned about life the hard way, but he certainly had a soft and kind heart.

After only 21 years in this life, we are forced to say goodbye. On Saturday, July 1, 2017, Andrew passed away. With heavy hearts, we will cherish the memories we shared with him. His gentle spirit and his excitement for the next car adventure about which he would eagerly tell us will be missed dearly. And though he had a bit of a stubborn side, his desire to be with his friends and family will make his daily presence sadly missed as well.

Andrew was the beloved son of Christopher and Kimberly Woychik (nee Miller). Loving brother of Bryce, Zachary and the late Matthew Woychik. Andrew is further survived by his biological mother Bridget, sister Diana, grandma O’Reiley, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and many special friends.

Visitation Monday, July 10, 2017, at Parkway Apostolic Church 10940 S. Nicholson Road Oak Creek, WI 53154 from 3:00 PM until 6:30 PM. Funeral Service to follow. Interment Forest Hill Memorial Park. Niemann / Suminski LifeStory Funeral Homes serving the family.

Past Comments

Jenny R. L. Funk (Your Biological Aunt)

I was just 15 when my oldest sister gave birth to you. You were a beautiful baby boy. Just because I did not get in touch with you when I was a teenager does not mean I forget about you. I have been wanting to meet you. I was so heartbroken when I found out that you were in Louisiana, and that no one had told me. If I knew, I would LOVE to meet you. I would love to teach you my language, American Sign Language (ASL). On the positive side, I was so thrilled when we get to talk with each other through the Facebook messenger. I love you, Andrew.


Watching all of you grow up in Parkway always put a smile in my heart. First all boy then all man. Always kind, respectful, and happy. Your loss puts a void in all our hearts. You see, you are all our children and we will not forget you and your quiet smile. Thank you for the memories and joy you gave us all.

Micki Jacobosn

My Dear Sweet Andrew, I always enjoyed our visits! I swear when you were in middle school and high school, you could smell my baking because with out a doubt, you always seemed to pop over when there were fresh baked goodies! You will never know what your visits, calls, and messages meant to me after HS. You were the ONE friend of Patrick’s that consistently checked in on him and to make sure I was doing ok and you always, always made me feel better by doing so! You were wise beyond your years! (That is what makes your untimely passing even more difficult for me.) I will miss you so much. Your last message to me said, “…hang in there moms there’s a light at the end of the tunnel somewhere just gotta wait it out everything happens for a reason <3". I will hang on to that message forever. Love ya kiddo, "Moms" xo

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