Green Funerals

Natural or Green Burial is the natural extension for those trying to live a natural or green lifestyle.  Having a natural funeral or burial is a way of consciously deciding to use eco-friendly practices for your funeral service.  As a person would choose to eat natural or organic food or use natural cleaning materials around the house, so too can a person choose to have a natural burial.  Just like the examples listed above, natural burial can mean many different things to different people.  Typically though, natural burial means either having no embalming or embalming with eco-friendly chemicals, only natural and/or bio-degradable materials used for a burial receptacle, and not using a burial vault.

Many people feel that cremation is another form of having a natural final disposition.  This can still be done after a funeral service with a viewing.  There are also eco-friendly ways to memorialize your loved one after cremation, like having cremated remains made into part of a coral reef or burying cremated remains in a biodegradable urn that will one day grow into a full tree.

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