Green Funerals

A green funeral can be many things, but the foundation of a green funeral incorporates environmentally-friendly options to meet the needs of a family requesting green services, products, or burial for their loved one.

A green or natural burial is a way of caring for the dead with minimal environmental impact.

Some of our green funeral offerings can include a visitation, with a viewing of the deceased, and funeral service in our funeral home or your church. Instead of using embalming fluid that contains formaldehyde, our environmentally friendly formaldehyde free fluid is used to preserve the body for viewing. 

If you would prefer a natural burial we are able to assist you in this environmentally responsible means of interment. Natural burials often consist of a burial that uses all natural and biodegradable burial products such as a natural burial shroud or biodegradable caskets. These biodegradable caskets may be made out of wicker, bamboo, or wood.

Cremation is also another method selected when one is interested in having a green funeral. While the cremation process itself does require the use of some fossil fuels, it may leave less of a carbon footprint than any other method of disposition. Cremation also does not require the use of land for burial, as a tradition or natural burial would. We also have a wide selection of biodegradable urns available to hold your loved ones ashes after the cremation has occurred.

Please feel free to contact any one of our funeral directors, at 414-321-7440, for information on how we can meet your green or natural funeral needs.